butter's beginner bag

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butter's beginner bag

Postby butter » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:42 pm

Hey there. I just picked up playing again earlier this summer for the first time in years. Back when I used to play I just ran around w a driver, mid and a putter and knew nothing about DG. This summer up until about a month ago I played almost everyday, learning more and more each week.I throw FH about 325 on average. Working on my BH though, almost all my approach shots are BH now. Thought I'd put my bag/discs up here and see if you guys had any suggestions for next year. I'm made a lot of "disc buying mistakes" back when I knew nothing. After reading lots on here and playing tons, I beginning to learn what I like. Here's what I got:



172 Boss - Friend gave to me to borrow, way too beefy, way too much disc for me. Fun to attempt to throw in the wind
169 Destroyer - Really like this disc, I still think its a little fast for me
173 Nuke ESP - Found, turnover driver now. Goes farther than anything I've thrown before it was beat.
171 Boss - Utility disc now. Bought it when I knew nothing. Now its great for weird approach shots, throwing over things

175 Eagle-X - My go-to driver. Love this disc.
171 Eagle-X - A little beat in. Throw it when there's water or a street next to the whole.
172 Eagle-L - Bought this before i knew what an EL was...But I'm attempting to learn BH with it
172 Valkyrie - Found. I hyzer flip it b/c idk what else to do with it....Can get some crazy distance w a good throw

173 11x TeeBird - Found. Absolute favorite disc, flies so predictable and straight every throw. Problem is that it is the absolute worst color ever. Spent hours looking for this thing. Have yet to buy a TeeBird like it :( The top is pretty stiff, unlike everything I've felt in stores. Pretty high PLH
170 TeeBird - Attempt to match above TB, failed. Don't really have a use for it, trying to learn to throw it well
169 TeeBird - 1st attempt to match 1st TB before I knew anything. HUGE dome, glides soooo far. Great for tunnel shots I want to go left.


173 Roc - Still learning to use it well BH. Can't FH it for shit
176 Coyote - Love this disc. Can place it really well FH to the right or left and BH right or left. Really want to try the lycan next year. The extra stability seems nice
??? Shark - One of the first discs I bought over 7 years ago. Flies dead straight. As I get better, my putter is starting to fill its role
173 Gumbputt - Bought b/c buddies were raving about how well it stuck when you didn't want a disc to roll away. True, but I just never really need it for anything else.

173 Soft Magnet - Main putter. Really like it for now.
173 Soft Challenger - Woo Surly, had to have it. Trying it out to see how I like it. The rim is so different than the Magnet though....
172 Aero - Bought when I knew nothing. Hate it for putting. I'll give it to someone w/o a putter next chance I have

Here's what I carry

Next year I want to try:
Firebird - windy shots/utility shots
PD - everyone rages about them, seems like I may like them
Gator or Drone - something I can count on for a FH approach or in wind

What do you guys think? Stuff to keep or change?
Just a new player trying to play and learn.

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Re: butter's beginner bag

Postby Cyclone2 » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:08 pm

Nice start to a bag...

You could choose between Eagles and TBs - they can pretty much fill the same roll (maybe you could combo with a few of each like you are right now).

Depending on your distance,, I would say that you would probably see some better results with S or P PDs or OLFs than with the really fast stuff (Nukes, Bosses and Destroyers)

Along with that, a C-PD, Z Predator or Champ Firebird would help you out for meathooks.
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Re: butter's beginner bag

Postby UFO » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:46 pm

Beginner bag to me would be a buzz and 6 cold ones lol!
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