Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby niuvalleycane » Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:54 pm


Champ Teebird
Pro TL


ESP Nuke
Star Orc
Star Orc

Very Overstable

Z Predator

Mod Overstable

Echo* Wraith


Star Roadrunner
Champ Valkyrie


Champ Spider
Glo Flx Buzzz
Cryztal Flx Buzzz
Champ Panther


DX Roc 140g
DX Stingray


S Warlocks
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby MOB47 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:55 am

Pretty much the same as always.....

2x KC Aviars 172 all putts inside 60 ft.
Yeti Aviar 175 approach/driving putter

3x KC Rocs 180 Ice Bowl '09 flat, new to beat for an array of shots
USDGC x-out 888 Roc 180 overstable approach/windy
ESP Meteor 175 str8 forehand upshots
Champ Gummy Spider 172 Magical unbelievable upshots
DX Wedge 175 super flipper/touchy upshots

2x Eagles Ce and DX rollers and str8 shots
2x Teebirds 175 10x and star workhorses
Star Roadrunner 175 long rollers/turnovers/anny forehands
Champ Glo Firebird 175 Thumbers/forehand rollers/utility shots
Champ Banshee 170 11x gummy. pinpoint short thumbers
First run Star Xcal Short forehand drives/skip shots

Distance drivers:
Echo Star Katana 175 Long forehand hyzers
Japan Open Pro Katana 175 Loong turnovers bhand
Star destroyer 170 accurate Backhand D
1st run Star Destroyer 170 Accurate forehand D
175 Z Nuke Wide open super D

I am always putting tester discs in the bag to try new things...currently i have a vision, valk, first run sidewinder that i am trying out but they will probably end up in one of the boxes with the other testers (200+) in the garage. :-)
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Fizzy » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:36 am

FYI, I throw backhand, forehand 70/30.

175 SS Wizards x2 (purdy purple) - all putts
175 DX Aviar P&A - beat for all sorts of upshots, turnover shots, and touch drives < 300'.
175 D Zone FR - beat - exclusively forehand upshots $$$

180 DX Roc x3 (sticky red) - Everything

175 Pro Leopard x3 - go-to understable backhand mold: flip-up hyzers, turn-overs, anhyzers, tail-wind, etc.
175 S PD x3 - fav. driver for sure: Use it for everything < 380' or so and turnovers out to 400'. Lots of forehands too.
175 C PD - A beefy, no-glide version of the PD. I use it like a baby firebird.
175 Z Pred x2 - headwind, forehand approach, skip-shots, Utility + muscle.

D + Tricks
172 Star Wraith x2 - Max D, flip up hyzers that push hard left at the end, S-curves < 425'.
172 Star XCal - Forehand headwind disc. Significantly longer than the Pred.
167 Champ Sidewinder - Want to throw a turnover shot up a hill in a tail wind? It's silly understable but still predictable.

175 E* Leopard - This disc is really awesome, but it's new and stable and overlaps too much with the S-PD.
Wizard - Aviar - Roc - Leopard - PD - Predator - Wraith?
ForeverBlue232 wrote:It's probably a disc rated 12/7/-5/8. It will go roller and then when the fade kicks in, it will pop back up into the air and fade on you. hehehe
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby dgdave » Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:06 am

This has been my set up almost for a full year. I don't know if I've ever said that. It had more molds earlier this year, I just trimmed the fat out.

Distance- up to 450
5x Destroyers
1x PD2

Fairway/Control - up to 410
5x PD
1x TD

Mids- up to 330
5x Roc
1x Xtreme

Putt/Approach- up to 300
5x KC Aviar
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Mike C » Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:10 am

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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby DiscGolfer97 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:26 pm

Innova Comp Bag

Distance Drivers
2 Campion Boss
Star Boss
R-pro Boss-Forehand
Star Destroyer
Z Nuke
Z Surge ss

Ch Teebird
Ch Banshee
Ch Leapord

Dx Roc
Kc Roc
Ch Roc
Z Comet
Z Hornet
Star Mako

Classic aviar Max Weight-WIndy Days
2 Kc pro Aviars 172-Main putters
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby MR. WICK » Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:04 pm

Well mine has changed quite a bit over the year. These are all in my revo dual pack

PDD2 Beat
PDD2 broken in
SDD2 newish
Star X-Cal
First run star Destroyer beat

11X firebird
11X firebird
Star Teebird beat
Star Teebird broken in
Star Teebird newish


Champ Gator
3 Yeti aviars for putts and up shots
DMagnet beat
Plastic Fondler
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby NOHalffastpull » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:46 pm

Gway sss MaGiC
Vram RiDGe

Dcaft z Breeze
Dcaft x Buzzz gt (first run)
Dga Sparkle Squall (07 worlds fund raiser)
Dcaft FLX Buzzz
Dcaft Z Hornet

Dcaft x Slipstream gt
Dcaft esp Avenger ss
Dcaft z Surge w/Ultragrip
Dcaft esp Crush
Inova star Valkyrie
Dga Plne Hurricane (bad name, nice disc)
Dcaft z Talon (first run ghost stamp)
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby bucknuts » Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:19 pm

Here it is...

2x Pro D Challengers
1x Soft X Challenger

ESP Meteor
ESP Buzz

2x Star Eagles


Proline Hurricane

Just need Firebird to fill out the utility and forehand duties and FLX challenger for approach during winter and will replace that X Challenger.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Tossin' in Memphis » Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:21 pm

Kelly Green Chimp (holds up like a champ!)
P2 (main putter)
Pro-D Focus (5.0-10....Straight as an arrow w almost no fade)
Pro-D L.E. Zone (beat to death and still stable mable)
ESP Buzzz/Glo Buzzz (everything from short skippers to 300ft.)
Z Stalker ( cuz I like to be the last one throwing these things!)
Avenger SS (Huge turns and rollers)
Z Force (Everything over 350, flicks, big skippers, etc.)

I have a couple of holes but I am geting very familiar w this lineup and generally dont have any problems.....
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby douglas78 » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:23 pm

control drivers:

champ teebird x2
star TL
champ firebird
e* leopard

open all out distance:

beat pro destroyers x2
pro katana


kc pro roc
star roc plus
star gator


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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Mike C » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:33 pm

171 S Ion
175 S Ion
164 M Ion

178 Glow Axis x2
178 FR Vector
178 GL Fuse

175 QJLS misprint, QPLS or whatever
175 SJLS worn to straight
175 1.2 SOLF worn to straight
169 1.1 QOLF worn to hyzer flip status
171 Quasar no flashing, that -1 high speed turn shows on this one, not on the other so much
175 Quasar flashing left on

Just put the Fuse back in my bag, I played around with it yesterday and had a lot of fun throwing it. I realized I'm driving a ton of holes with mids these days that I used to throw drivers on so I figure expanding the mid line-up is a good idea. QJLS misprint is being tested out again right now, might stay, might not. I kind of like it for low, skipping FH drives / long approaches...also headwind control drives. Cuts through the wind a little better than the Vector, but isn't too fast or overstable.
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