Karhumies planning Christmas purchases

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Karhumies planning Christmas purchases

Postby Karhumies » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:20 pm

About me:
I have been playing since June 2011. I drive around 100m max distance (173 DX Valkyrie), around 85m more comfortably (173 Champ Leopard). Putter drives accurately for about 65m (174 ECO1 Swan2). RHBH dominant, using lots of overhead shots for drive/approach, trying to develop my forehand technique, my rollers suck. I mostly play on shorter courses with shorter holes, so I do not necessarily need a variety of long distance drivers (at least not yet).

My goal:
To start off 2012 with a complete bag suited for my skill level. At the moment, I feel like I have a few gaps to fill in my disc line-up. Planning to have distance driver at speed 9, other drivers at speed 6-7, and focus on a variety of midrange driver discs & approach discs because I need those a lot on my favorite courses.

Planned bag for 2012:

Distance driver (speed 9):
165 DX Valkyrie [Currently carrying 173 DX Valkyrie, which is slightly too heavy for me for max D]

Other drivers (speed about 6-7):
(Old run) 175 Premium RESPECTi - overhead driver ONLY
??? - overstable, forehand driver (predictable long fade from start of flight until end of flight), wind resistant driver
171 DX TeeBird - predictable fade at the very end of flight
173 Champ Leopard - straight, also works as straight forehand driver, also works as predictable midrange drive overhead disc
170 DX Leopard - understable, roller drives [Currently carrying only the 173 Champ, which flies straight with my current (lack of) snap]

Midrange driver / Putt driver / approach discs:
175 Basic JOKERi first run - overstable, midrange roller drive, roller approach, overhead approach, forehand approach, putt drives, wind resistant midrange drive, wind resistant approach
174 KC Pro Roc - slightly overstable, somewhat wind resistant
??? - straight, longer midrange (drives), does not need to be wind resistant, hoping for a slightly narrower early flight path than Leopard's small S curve
??? - straight, shorter midrange (approach), needs to be somewhat wind resistant because Swan2 is not
174 ECO1 Swan2 - straight, putt drives, only usable when it's not windy
170 Opto Fuse - slightly understable, only usable when it's not windy

171 ECO1 Swan2 - slightly understable, putts only, only usable when it's not windy
(The JOKERi acts also as an emergency wind putter)
??? - windy & cold weather putter from harder plastic? (Swan2's ECO1 plastic turns from soft to hard in negative Celsius -> unfamiliar grip makes me miss too many putts)

Other discs I have in my possession, but which I do not intend to use in my bag:
TeeBird (150 Champ), Roadrunner (172 Star), Pain (175 Opto), Spider (171 DX), 150 Champ leopard, 173 KC Pro Roc (waiting to be beat in)

Potential Christmas purchases:
Distance driver - 165 DX Valkyrie?
Overstable driver with predictable fade for RHBH left fade & RHFH right fade drives - 170 DGA Proline Riptide? / new run 170 Basic RESPECTi?
Understable driver - 170 DX Leopard?
Straight longer midrange (drives) - DGA SP Line Squall? / Impact?
Straight shorter midrange (approach) - beat in KC Pro Roc? / MD2? / Core?
Windy & cold weather putter made from a harder plastic - Any suggestions?
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Re: Karhumies planning Christmas purchases

Postby Karhumies » Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:35 am

After some googling and browsing for available weight combinations, here is a preliminary purchase list:

164 or 168 Pro Valkyrie (lighter weight is white color only, which is bad for snow)

167 Z Predator
171 DX Leopard

??? - still looking

175 P-line MD-2

172 Medium flex Wizard?
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Re: Karhumies planning Christmas purchases

Postby Karhumies » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:27 pm

Possible finished bag:

±165g ???plastic Valkyrie (not DX)

NORMAL DRIVERS: (approx. 75-90m par3)
167 Z Predator
171 Champion TeeBird-L Plus
173 Champion Leopard
171 Pro Leopard

MIDRANGE DRIVERS: (approx. 50-70m par2/3)
175 Basic JOKERi first run 2010
175 P-line MD 2
170 Opto Fuse

APPROACH DISKS: (100% predictable flight paths when powered down X%)
174 KC Pro Roc
174 ECO1 Swan2

171 ECO1 Swan2
172 Medium flex Wizard

175 Premium RESPECTi (old batch) - long distance overhead shots

13 discs, 11 molds.

I am not a fan of having the same disc at various stages of wear, because I want to have them immediately replaceable. However, I may be working to reduce the mold count in the future in favor of different weights/plastics of my favorite molds.
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Re: Karhumies planning Christmas purchases

Postby JR » Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:43 pm


Depending on the individual KC Roc it may handle winds ok and and in stiff headwinds i'd go to drivers and at your power the Teebird should be ok. When new a heavy Teebird should suffice for long fade FH drives. Really overstable dump fade drivers don't get long fades, they crash down hard and often skip. FH is more about throwing with the wrist than the shoulder socket motion. Ville Piippo rarely reaches back behind his right side. Euro and Finnish champ and the best FH thrower in the world if you don't know him.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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