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Good times DGR represent

Postby JR » Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:45 pm

Finnish Frisbee Association Suomen frisbeeliitto employed a part time employee for the first time in its history. He's a DGR member although a fairly inactive one. He's been the secretary for the association for years. Because of my work i couldn't apply for the job and quite far along the process he was the only one that applied for the job. I don't know if there was anyone else that applied for that position later on. He lives in the next district of my hometown to me. I was asked if i was interested in the job and realities of my job prevented my application so i'm glad we got a more experienced guy to do the heavy lifting. And he's used to doing that in many ways. A win for every Finnish disc golfer and probably every player in the world too.

There is so much additional work these days with the explosion in player and event count and media interest etc. that it became impossible to run the association with volunteer work. It is no wonder because Finland has the second most players in the world at the moment. Last year there were around 1100 members in the association and half of them are PDGA members, but we have a major base of players that are not members. With around 15000-20000 actives playing once or more often per week in the summer and at least 50000 people that have played or play less frequently. Out of 5.3 million people. With a IIRC the fourth or fifth consecutive year of double digit growth in player count and over 200 courses and regular media exposure even on national TV more than once per year.

No it's not mafa, who also lives in a neighboring district to me. I won't name his handle, because i don't know, if he wants his identity to be revealed here. He's super busy at work now getting to grips with the new job i imagine and i know for a fact that arranging this years events and association work is in high gear now. With the Euro Tour and the only European major event registrations having been opened already. He is so busy that he doesn't know, when he can get his free copy of the first full HD disc golf video hard copy. Although he wanted a DVD version to be viewable with his gear.
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