Disc Golf Live #45: Disc Girls Gone Wild on TV

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Disc Golf Live #45: Disc Girls Gone Wild on TV

Postby Disc Golf Live » Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:52 am

The latest episode of Disc Golf Live video magazine has been sent to our broadcast partners across the country and posted for downloading at PEGmedia.org. DGL is created for broadcast on community access TV stations (there are hundreds of them where the show is not yet playing) to grow our favorite sport. Copies of our broadcast DVDs and downloads are free. If you need a hand working out your local station guidelines and procedures, drop us a line and we'll help you through the process. If you're looking for a way to promote the sport locally, you can't go wrong with TV broadcasts. Check your local cable listings and watch for contact info.

For those without local access TV, our full episodes are up on Youtube as well.

Part one of this episode begins with action from Disc Girls Gone Wild, a ladies-only event featuring dominant play by Liz Lopez. Next comes a tour of Charlotte's Web in advance of next summer's PDGA Worlds in NC. Big Jerm plays the course, while Stan McDaniel and Billy Crump talk course design theory.

Part two of this episode starts with early round action from the 2011 US Am Nationals on the Toboggan course, and then the action moves to Finland for the Scandinavian video mafia's take on the Mukkula Open. The show wraps up with footage of the Disc Girls throwing off for the ace pool cash as the credits roll.

Part 1: http://youtu.be/R0zJAHNABww

Part 2: http://youtu.be/qfLy0ha-nQo

We're always looking for broadcast opportunities, so be on the look out for a local access station in your area. We also welcome your submissions for the show, so if you have a story to tell, get in touch with us and we'll see how we can add your voice and story to the mix. Thanks to the PDGA, Innova, and Discraft for their ongoing support of DGL.

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