2012 Bag

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2012 Bag

Postby Whiz » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:04 pm

I am pretty happy with the utility of this bag as a whole. I am thinking about adding to the bag a +mold C-PD for consistent stability (not overstability), a beat pro leo and a Champ Glo gator when they get released. It is quite a few discs but I am confident throwing them all. I probably lean a bit towards the Feldberg end of the spectrum rather than minimalism but I feel that my skill is to the point where disc minimalism has diminished returns. I also practice quite a bit (at least an hour per day on average) so I feel very comfortable with my ability to throw many different molds. 2012 is going to be a fun year.

Poptop Echo Star Destroyer - Max distance anhyzers/flat shots/hyzers
Poptop SDS Star Destroyer - Headwind disc, anhyzers flex shots, forehand flex shots, skips
Flat Star Destroyer - Tailwind distance driver, hyzer-flip distance shots, some hyzerflip forehands
Poptop Star Wraith - Beat but still somewhat stable. Great for hyzerflips (BH and FH) and general distance line shaping.
Flat Echo Star Wraith - This takes the place of a beat Pro Wraith. It is very, very flippy. Used for extreme/high flips and rollers.

Newer S-PD - similar shots, more pure BH and FH hyzers, headwind shots
Beat S-PD - shallow hyzer-flips BH and FH, hyzers, long anhyzers
S-TD - hyzerflip frozen rope shots FH and BH, maybe my most frequently thrown FH disc
Glow Champ Leo - Fairway control, straight shots and anhyzers
BEAT stiff P-PD - flies like a beat EL. Very useful for low power hyzerflips, long hyzerflips to hold, high hyzerflips, low ceiling rollers.

Glow Champ Firebird: Stable short range shots, thumbers, grenades, spikes
CFR C-PD: Same shots, quicker turn. Pure hyzers as well.

11x KC Roc - Stable
12x lightly used KC Roc - Slightly less stable
12x Beat KC Roc - Less stable again
Flattop beat dx roc - Less stable again
Beat dx ontario roc - less stable again

Throwing Putters:
Glow KC Aviar - Stable to overstable hyzers and flex anhyzers, also FH
Beat JK Aviar - Straight/hyzerflip shots
Beat dx Aviar - Anhyzers and extreme hyzerflips/low power shots
Star Aero - Straight shots/anhyzers, used for extra glide

Putting Putters:
Tacky 12x KC Aviar
Stiff 12x KC Aviar
E* DD2, Wraith, Glow Firebird, S-P-C PD, TD, Leopard, Roc, KC Aviar
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Re: 2012 Bag

Postby Fightingthetide » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:09 pm

Nobody reads these

Of course I'm kidding. But for real - what kind of distance gap do you have between Destroyers and Wraiths?
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Re: 2012 Bag

Postby Frank Delicious » Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:45 pm

lose the aero and go with the dart.
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