VTbuzzz's 2012 bag

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VTbuzzz's 2012 bag

Postby vtbuzzz » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:37 am

So I am in need of some advice regarding my bag, mostly my drivers.

My distance is around 375 for my drivers, 280 w/ my buzzz's and around 180 max w/ my putters. I'm RHBH but working on developing my flick

My bag(the stuff that mostly doesn't change)

174 ESP Zone (mostly utility work but some off the box duties)
174 FLX challenger( straight as an arrow love throwing this thing off the box)
172 evo magic(when I need a putter to finish right)
171 eclipse ION(putting duties and long range putting driving)

172 meteor(understable duties)
177 Eclipse Vector(overstable duties)
171 Z Buzzz(seasoned nicely goes straight w/ predictable fade)
172 Z Buzzz(newer but breaking in)
178 FLX Buzzz(seasoned use for flicks and head winds)

Z predator(older model w/ the top and bottom tooling if anyone knows anything about how old it is please let me know, head wind shots, utility shots and as I'm getting better its being thrown off the box more frequently)
171 esp predator(same as Z but I also use this one for my skip shots as well)
168 Pro Valk(predictably flippy, my farthest thrown disc, for now, turnover shots/uphill shots/hyzer flips/ all understable duties)
168 Pro Valk(new to replace the other one that will soon become unusable or a roller also a great driver for me, I love throwing valkyries)
171 z avenger SS(was throwing these for a while but I think I'm converting back to the valks for good)
171 esp avenger ss(way to flippy about to be thrown out of the bag)

so I have also thrown recently a flash, a tee bird that is temporarily in my bag currently, I have a few rivers as well that ive recently taken out of the bag.

I do like the idea of not a ton of molds, I don't like to have to think a lot before I throw but I feel there may be something missing from my bag. I just bought a 164 star valk that I haven't recieved yet but it will most definitly make its way into the bag.

Thank you in advance for any and all constructive advice.

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Re: VTbuzzz's 2012 bag

Postby JR » Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:49 pm

A good next step up in drivers for added distance would be a light Pro Beast. A heavy Sidewinder might also be a little longer than the Valk while being straight. Sidewinder is touchier and doesn't handle winds well. Beast is beefier than Valk and takes winds better.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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