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Postby ericdmb » Mon Apr 16, 2007 6:57 am

Yesterday was cool - played a 24 hole layout that had a great variety of holes. Par according to the TD was 80. Pro lead was Nick Schnider and Bard Soleng from CT with 67's. Adv am lead was Alan Sweeton and Tom Demark (Lesli's brother) with 76's. I was tied with 4 other people in 2nd place with 77's and there were about 3 other people with 78's - it was tight with the top 8-10 in ADV AM.
after that was the field events - MTA, accuracy & distance. I did not do any and neither did any of the Bearclaws. We instead chose to drink beer and watch everyone else do it like Brinster, Jake Azato, Nick Schnider, this dude Bobby Copperthwait from CT - Bobby C won distance with 468' with a Star Wraith and Brinster had 462' with the same disc.
Today was a whole different day - rained hard since the wee hours and did not stop for 1 second all day! It was aweful - course got shortened to 19 holes due to flooding on certain holes! it was nuts!
Solt finished 6th in Int Am, Alan Minda 5th in Int Am.
I finished 2nd in the Adv Am division 2 strokes behind Tom Demark and 3 ahead of the next person.
Brinster, Nick Schnider and Bard from CT were in a 3way tie and played off. Bard 5ed the first hole, nick and steve 4ed. Nick and steve move on and Brinster's drive is perfect and crushed, nicks was not good. Steve 3ed and Nick 4ed and Brinster defended his Philly Open title from his win last year.
Good times were had, it was fun!

shout out to alan sweeton, it was cool to play heads up with you both rounds all weekend!

few pics from the accuracy and distance

nate Krahn distance comp.

jake azato distance comp.

alan sweeton acc. comp.

steve brinster acc. comp.

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Postby roadkill » Mon Apr 16, 2007 3:30 pm

Yeah Eric,

Was good to put a face with your name finally.

Saturday was the bomb! The weather was perfect. This was the first I've competed in field events since 1993. I remember the many Octads held at Sedgeley as well as the ones at Perkiomen Park in Oaks, Pa. I really hope the overall events become popular again.

I think if they would have had finals for MTA and Accuracy I would've done even better. My 2nd place in MTA wasn't bad but I was holding back a little because I didn't get to warm up and I was just reading the wind and learning a borrowed plate. I know I could pop a 10.5 or so (especially since I dropped a 9.77). Same with accuracy the white zephyrs were 195 g and too heavy for my tastes the yellow ones would've worked better.

In distance that big willow tree spoiled some of the best throws. Jake had one that was rocking when it hit the top of the tree.

Sunday's weather pretty much sucked. Not as windy as predicted but between the non-stop downpour and waiting every (and I do mean every) hole on the women in front of us it made for a long round.

I wanted to win my first event as a pro master but Don and Karlton weren't making any mistakes. But I got $100 for 3rd plus another $30 for my field events so I at least covered my expenses so it was all good.
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