Clip-on cupholder?

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Re: Clip-on cupholder?

Postby peppermack » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:57 pm

Here are some pics. I can do initials, tooling, or just about anything else you could want on one these as well.
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Re: Clip-on cupholder?

Postby Flipflat » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:28 pm

Coool, can't wait to get it in and throw it on the bag. :)
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Re: Clip-on cupholder?

Postby Mark Ellis » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:26 pm

Flipflat wrote: What kind of green tea you drinking? I've been buying different types over the last few months. I want to like it (hot chocolate gets old after a while, plus I'm trying to cut down on the sugar intake) I just can't find a flavor I like.

This thread is drifting in a shallow pool of green tea...

I'm not sure green tea is a replacement for chocolate milk. Chocolate milk actually tastes great where green tea is an acquired taste with restrained flavor.

I ain't no expert on green tea but being the obsessive character I am (restraint? moderation? Is this any way to live your life?) I went out and bought numerous brands as well as few tea pots and a bunch of thermoses. Now as I drive around (for work or play) I bring it with me, including on the course.

I thought I was pretty much immune to the over consumption of caffeine but slamming it all day long taught me otherwise. So I am now dabbling with decaf tea and or mixing decaf and the real stuff. Excuse me for a moment, sip, sip, guzzle.

The teas I have tried (except one) have an odd aftertaste. It is not bad but my mouth feels drier after a drink than before, leading to another sip and another sip. Excuse me a moment. The exception is Salada decaf green tea which is the current favorite. It seems wrong to be drinking decaf anything. I'm the guy who orders extra shots of espresso in his over sized latte. Green tea has supposed health benefits. Is this also true with decaf?

With beer I love a good aftertaste ( I'm an IPA hophead). Perhaps with time I won't even notice it. I do know that if I had to use pay toilets I would have to keep a pocket full of change handy all the time. Excuse me again.

Maybe there is a brand out there with a smoother aftertaste but I have most of the major brands and even stuff from Japan. Any recommendations from the group?
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Re: Clip-on cupholder?

Postby JR » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:15 pm

There are tea societies all over the world, dedicated website i'm certain etc. I think dgdave wrote a long time ago that he was on a tea tear and some other members responded. I am not an enthusiast so let me become the target for ridicule once more by recommending a heretical approach: Additives. Which? Depends on your sense of adventure and taste. There are plenty of different sugars and flavor syrups ranging from abhorrent to deliriously delicious -true heaven on your tongue as is and mixed to other stuff. Great flavor syrups work with so many foodstuffs that tea should be no exception. After all many flavor syrups are designed to be used with coffee and both share ingredients in a chemical sense. And even though some syrups have been designed for coffee they are magnificient with ice cream and so much other stuff.

Have you tried tea as a spice in baking, foods and so on?
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