NFL rules loophole?

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Re: NFL rules loophole?

Postby DaPats » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:17 pm

Don't know rule 12-3 but will have to look it up. I can imagine the refs have authority to put some type of significant penalty on a team for breaking a rule repeatedly. It is not unfair to tell the refs f-u we are gonna stick with the 53 men. It's a joke to even think that.

Why don't we see it in the NFL then?

Justin Tuck was coming off the field with his helmet off during that play so he made no significant impact on the play when they called the 12 men on the field call penalty.

Vegan, Where are you trying to go with this imaginary 53 men on defense scenario?
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Re: NFL rules loophole?

Postby garublador » Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:41 pm

Smigles wrote:The impression I got from the last super bowl is that wasting time wins you games.
It depends on the situation. Sometimes you're trying to use up the least amount of time possible, sometimes you're trying to use up as much as possible.
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Re: NFL rules loophole?

Postby Apathy » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:42 pm

First play would get a 15 yard penalty, but could still be useful in very specific circumstanses. Refs can make judgement calls when rules are exploited. I believe anything they dream up, but I am sure they would go with the 15 yard as it would get put in with unsportsmanlike like conduct. Following offense would carry same penalty player/coach objections and even possibly being whistled dead at snap with no time run off.
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Re: NFL rules loophole?

Postby JimW » Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:22 pm

In any scenario where the defense put a truly excessive number of players on the field no time would get run off because the refs could throw the flag before the ball was even snapped and penalize the defense for an unfair act.
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