Millenium, Discraft, Innova and OOP plastic

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Millenium, Discraft, Innova and OOP plastic

Postby koffee » Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:06 pm

I am selling these discs for a Charity that travels to Mexico to build disc golf courses for Children’s Homes. If you have any questions about this organization feel free to pm me. As this is for charity I will not be accepting trades just paypal.

Some of the discs listed are best guess. If I am off please let me know.


Buy the pair 34$

11x Champ Firebird 170g 7+/10 No Ink 22$ obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Aviar San marino Mold pink 148g 7/10 No ink 14 obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Millenium Lot 50$ obo

LS Polaris 1.11 yellow Ink top plate bottom plate 175g 7/10 ... hotostream ... hotostream

LS polaris 1.3 yellow 175g ink back plate ... hotostream ... hotostream

JLS 1.6 white Bottom plate 163g 7/10 ... hotostream ... hotostream

LF Polaris 2.5 6/10 yellow ink 170g ... hotostream ... hotostream

Omega SS 1.24 black 6.5/10 no ink ... hotostream ... hotostream

EXP 1 1.2 Purple 168g 7/10 Ink Bottom plate ... hotostream ... hotostream

LS Polaris 1.5 170g 7/10 no ink ... hotostream ... hotostream

JLS Flydye 8/10 ink inner rim 168g ... hotostream ... hotostream

JLS Flying Eye stamp 175g 8/10 no ink ... hotostream ... hotostream


ESP Zone Pink 172g 7+/10 13$ obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

1st Run ESP Nuke Dayglo 174g ink bottom plate 15 obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Vortex Yellow 178g 6/10 (Cigarette Burn on disc) Disc is still legal 12$ obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Elite X Storm Purple 170g 7/10 no ink 12$ obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Esp Banger Tourney Stamp Peach 173g 7/10 ink inner rim 25$ ... hotostream ... hotostream

1st Run ESP Pulse Orange 172g 7/10 ink bottom outer rim 15$ obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Marauder Blue 178g 7/10 ink bottom plate 13$ obo ... hotostream ... hotostream

Cheers - Koffee
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Re: Millenium, Discraft, Innova and OOP plastic

Postby adangelo15 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:35 pm

I see this post is a little old. I just signed up yesterday but I am wondering if you still have the GT banger ESP in peach. If so, I am interested. If not, just ignore this message.
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