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PuppySlayer's BodyBag!

Postby UnitedPuppySlayer » Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:32 pm

Max D Drivers (weight/plastic/model/use): Max 480' average 440'
170 Pro Wraith - Max D driver
171g Star Wraith - Backup driver
136g Blizzard Wraith - tailwind driver
171g Champ archon - understable, looooong anhyzers
173g Pinnacle Rampage - stable distance driver

Fairway Drivers - up to 415'
171g EliteZ Pred - OS driver
175g Champ TL+ - stable/understable fairway
175g Champ EagleX - stable fairway for slight headwinds

Mid Range - up to 370'
177g Vector - OS
176g Eclipse Vector - stable headwind mid
180g Axis - stable
178g Axis - slight understable
175g GL Fuse - Understable

Putters - up to 330'
164g 3rd run S Ion - short/finesse approaches
176g 3rd run S Ion - Windy day putter
168/175 Medium Anode - main putters.
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