Will Schusterick's putting style

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Will Schusterick's putting style

Postby Taylor » Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:58 pm

Push putt or some kind of hybrid spin putt?

He has a very noticeable elbow bend when he swings his arm up that the other push putters don't do (Feldy, Nikko, Avery) and I was wondering what you guys think of it. Is it still a push putt? Does it help him get more distance? Does his accuracy suffer?

There is a good view of his elbow in this video at 3:46


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Re: Will Schusterick's putting style

Postby JR » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:51 am

I've moved more and more from a spin putt to a hybrid putt in the last year and a half. Uphill i use that much arm lift but not nearly as much on flat ground. Getting more glide from lifting the arm means a lesser need of punching fast forward with the elbow straightening. So it can reduce overpowering related failures. As with anything accuracy and doing so again and again depends on how and how much you train. There are clear pros like being able to sorta push putt out to a longer distance or the same distance with less power usage. And less danger of wrist flapping right of neutral than a sloppy elbow straightening spin putt. Which tends to happen when you're tired. So it's great for saving the ammo until you need it when you're on the road or have long events or back to back events.
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Re: Will Schusterick's putting style

Postby new013 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:11 am

that's almost exactly how i putt and i've had a number of people tell me it's bad form. that probably has more to do with the fact that i am streaky as hell putter and it leans more towards terrible than good. i'm more comfortable from 40ft than i am from 20ft.
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Re: Will Schusterick's putting style

Postby JHern » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:47 am

It's a push putt primarily. When I've watched him, he seems to always stick with a hyzer release angle, aiming to slice into the right side of the chains, whereas many other top pros go for a flat release with little/no hyzer. Of course, a flat putt is less susceptible to wind, and requires less adjustment. Will definitely exaggerates the handshake, and reaches out right at the basket. One thing to notice about Will Schusterick is his abnormally long arms. This affects how you can optimize your body positions and putting motions. If I were Will, I would fashion every inch of my game after Climo, who is also a knuckle dragger.
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