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DG on local TV

Postby Disc Golf Live » Thu May 03, 2012 7:22 am

Just wanted to remind folks about Disc Golf Live video magazine, a free resource to help grow public awareness of our sport, while also providing stories from across our community for established players.

We put our 60 minute episodes online for disc golfers to enjoy, but the primary reason for creating DGL is to take advantage of free local television broadcast opportunities. If you have community or public access TV in your town, take a few minutes and research the station to find out how you can submit a show for broadcast. We can set you up with program DVDs or downloads at no cost. There are hundreds of stations large and small across the US, and we'd be happy to welcome each one as a broadcast outlet. It usually takes a local resident to facilitate broadcasts, so we need the support of folks out there who share our passion for the game of disc golf.

Here are the two parts of episode 47:

Part one: http://youtu.be/fm_-B9DqYvU

Part two: http://youtu.be/1h4JC6VLmhg

Best regards,

Joe Wander
Producer and Editor
Disc Golf Live video magazine
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Disc Golf Live
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