New iPhone/Android course locator app

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New iPhone/Android course locator app

Postby udisc » Thu May 10, 2012 10:01 am

Hello all!

I hope this is an appropriate place to post this.

I got tired of not being able to find a quality mobile disc course locator app for smartphones, so I made one. It's called UDisc, and it's available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (in the App Store) in addition to Android phones and tablets (in the Android Market/Google play). The iPhone version was just released 2 days ago, and the Android version has been out for a couple months.

The iPhone version has 2500+ courses in all 50 states and at a minimum has the course name, city, and number of holes and will give you directions to the first tee via the built-in maps application. For Minnesota I have a much fuller data set than other states courtesy of the MN Frisbee Assoc. Check out the app here:

The Android version is free and supports Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and North Carolina. I will soon be updating it to include all 2500+ courses that are in the iPhone app. Check out the Android version here:

I made these apps because I'm an avid disc golfer / software engineer that wanted to find a project that combines both of my hobbies. The point of the app is not to provide course reviews, it's purely to facilitate finding new courses to play. Now that I have both apps out, I find myself using them all the time when I want to play a course to break up a long drive somewhere, or just play somewhere new. I have a feeling that some of you will also find my apps useful.

If you like them, please rate/review the apps and tell your friends! App Reviews and word of mouth are the only way people find out about these apps that are super useful if you like to play a lot of courses.

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