My first discs

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My first discs

Postby Mlk95 » Mon May 28, 2012 2:54 pm

So Last week I finally bought my own discs, didn't really know a whole lot. I did a little research so please let me know what you think of my bag, and what you think I should add. I plan on getting some more this week. Advice is welcomed.

Valkyrie- Love this disc! First disc that I could really let loose.
Wolf- It's a solid predictable midrange. I use it when I don't want to overshoot my target.
Birdie- I'm impressed, best putter I've used yet. I also for approach shots in narrow areas.

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Re: My first discs

Postby kp0c » Mon May 28, 2012 9:02 pm

I think you could use a nice fairway driver. Your Valkyrie is a speed nine, so why don't get a speed 7 or so?
I can definitely vouch for a 170ish Leopard. It is an awesome disc. I use it in star and champion plastic and you can shape all sort of lines with it. Get a dx one and see how you like it. You could also go the fancy route and get a Lat 64 river... It is supposed to be a little longer but yet just as controlable as a Leopard.

Anyway, from personmal experience, a Leopard will grow with you, it's an amazing disc.

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Re: My first discs

Postby JR » Tue May 29, 2012 1:40 am

All your discs are understable and at your power Leopard and River are the only discs that could be better than the Valk except a lucky find in a suitable Northman(stay away from TP Northmen). For mids and putters you could get a more overstable or at least straighter disc than what you carry now. I seriously recommend getting as few discs as possible early on with room to grow with your power increasing but your discs suck the big one in the wind with inevitable power increases. Probably right now too. For all round use in all weather conditions and on different lines i would consider either a Coyote for straight shots or ESP Buzzz/S MD2 or if you don't play in humid/rainy/cold conditions Z Buzzz/C MD2(flat gummy one if you're lucky enough to find them). For a putter there are plenty of choices. The Birdie isn't good in the wind and believe it or not there are even easier throwing straighter mindless throw straight at the basket and it goes in discs out there. Namely opaque soft Ion, medium Anode, Soft APX, Rattler, Whitler. And some discs would break in to that state eventually those do it straight away. Even a Pure could do if you prefer faster dropping more power hungry disc that won't blow by that far. The Rattler and Whitler are great in that aspect too being so slow that they go almost all of the flight at the release height and then drop on a dime but they can't handle winds as much the others. APX loses out in wind tolerance to the Ion and the Anode as well. Ion and anode are way too slick in the rain and with moisture in the ground you gotta use a towel to dry them.

The River has more protection against thrower form errors than the Leopard but also fades harder and needs more power. Something that is an issue for you i think so the Leo wins and the Leo is the most nose angle forgiving driver out there. There is almost as long SP Squall that is also equally straight more resistant to turning (easier to throw with more confidence) and even less susceptible to nose up throws. The Squall needs less power too.
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