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Drive Help

Postby tuckerjt07 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:48 pm

If you could take the time to look at these videos and tell me what I'm doing wrong/correct (if anything correct at all) I would be very appreciative. I am new to this game and do not even have a clue what I should be looking for.
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Re: Drive Help

Postby JR » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:22 am

Welcome to the addiction.

I watched only video number 647. Your final step lands so that the whole sole is on the ground. It twists everything especially on more grippy surfaces. What you want to do is to pivot on the right leg preferably heel. The way to do is to land on the side of the toe rolling on the corner of the sole and the side of the shoe from toe to heel raising the front of the foot to the air and pivoting with the heel only. Then the momentum should make your left leg walk through so the right foot automatically moves the weight to the ball of the foot.

You pull all out with the arm. Try to also start looser and accelerate hard only when the disc is passing the right side adjusting the acceleration point earlier and later to see where you get the most distance.

This is important. You don't twist the hips to the right at all so you lose a lot of power by not utilizing the second most powerful area of the body relating to the throw. What is worse is that since the arm is a lever multiplying the generated force you lose out more.

Your steps bounce up and down and are jerky. Try to be smooth and flowing like water. The above things are hard to perform and since your footwork looks like that of a child that has learned to walk without falling down and running too but bot yet smooth like a cat you should really slow down. Sorry. slowing down is always the first thing to do when you explore new form components anyway. In your case it is even more important than usual. After you've gained balance and smoothness you can speed up and after the speedy execution is smooth you can add a lot of power by turning the back to the target pointing the heels at the target in the farthest point of the reach back. It increases the distance the arm accelerates adding speed but only when the mechanics, timing and muscle control needed to stay balanced in rhythm and accelerating happen as it should. It can take over a year easily so easy does it and don't rush it and most of all please keep on training because it is difficult and frustrating. All good things need working. And when you learn you know you've achieved something worthy and proved to yourself that you can achieve it and almost anything when you set your mind to it and are willing to work and pay your dues. Have fun :-)
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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Re: Drive Help

Postby colombo117 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:38 am

Yeah, like JR stated you need to slow your motions down. You should almost walk through the motions, reach straight back, your reaching back and bending your elbow.

I don't talk about this stuff much but I will try.
Also, your final plant step is pretty wide, shorten it. Walk through the motions, and accelerate hard when the disc is entering the hit zone (your left pec). Push your elbow straight towards the target as far as you can then allow your body to open up and turn while your elbow opens as well. Finally the wrist will open and the disc will fly. These things should not happen because you forcing them to happen, but they should happen because of the movements you set in motion.

Hopefully this helps, if anyone feels it is wrong, correct me. :)
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Re: Drive Help

Postby Notrepidation » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:23 pm

Will let the pro's touch on the finer points. And most of what I am about to say has already been mentioned.

1. Your x step is rough and appears very off balanced. It should be smooth and natural.
2. You need to pull through on a straight line. The general notion is to think of it as starting a lawn mower. You start slowly when pulling the cord and when you reach a certain point you accelerate. So, you reach back, bring the disc to your chest on a straight line then begin to accelerate towards the target while maintaining the straight line. Your footwork and body/core should move around the disk to keep the initial line to the target.
3. Your plant foot does not appear to be pivoting at all. It's very flat footed. The preferred method is to pivot on your heel to allow your body to clear out of the way and keep your line (see above) and then finish on the ball of your foot as you rotate through to finish.
4. It looks to me that you are really strong arming the crap out of the shot. By this I mean you are trying to generate power and distance by pure arm strength. It's very important to understand that more distance will be attained through proper, SMOOTH form. It is also very important to note that (at least from what I saw) you are swooping when you throw (similar to how most folks throw a frisbee). To throw a Disc in DG you want to reach back on a straight line.....slowly pull to your chest and then accelerate through while moving your body out of the way via the heel pivot. (Sounding like a broken record here, I know).

There ae a few other things but they are more detailed and I will let the more experienced folks touch on those as I don't want to give any bad information. The oe thing I want to stress is not to get frustrated and give up. This is an AMAZING game and it honestly will not take that long to get to a level where you can actually become competative (if that's your desire).

Watch the TON of instructional videos on Youtube....these forums have links to just about all of them.
It might behoove you to throw just a putter and maybe a mid until your form is where it needs to be. This is referred to as "discing down" and helped me immensely when I stated. Best of luck to you!
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