Woods Advice For A Sporadic Roc Tosser

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Re: Woods Advice For A Sporadic Roc Tosser

Postby Drowsy » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:34 am

Maybe I should play more tourneys.
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Re: Woods Advice For A Sporadic Roc Tosser

Postby zj1002 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:07 am

Get a QMS

Essentially does everything a 7/10 dx roc can do

And the gummy ones pretty much never change flight characteristics
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Re: Woods Advice For A Sporadic Roc Tosser

Postby jubuttib » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:52 am

Frank Delicious wrote:I'm not gonna carry 20 different molds, I'm gonna carry the 5-6 I know well and just cycle them.
Most important part of that post.
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Re: Woods Advice For A Sporadic Roc Tosser

Postby RagingTide » Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:25 am

I have been working on breaking in a few extra rocs for my bag and now have a total of 3 to carry

DX - 180 - broken in, fairly straight - occasionally will turn over

Glow - 175 - less than a dozen rounds old

Pumpkin - 180 - 1 round old

Last night, I was playing a League round with my new Pumpkin that I got because I didn't want to abuse the Glow and it tended to fly straight and have some turnover making me save par with an approach shot. Are the Pumpkin Rocs not as stable as new DX's or glows?

I probably should start breaking in a KC Roc to hold the overstable spot for now but just haven't gotten around to picking one up.

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Re: Woods Advice For A Sporadic Roc Tosser

Postby Working Stiff » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:27 pm

Drowsy wrote:
victorb wrote:If I ventured a hypothesis, I'd say a brand new dx roc takes 2-4 months to beat it's initial overstability out. The wear process slows significantly after that phase - though it's still easy to have one primary that you throw a lot and get it to a beat stage. Most people will put something similar to an x comet or ontario mold roc in the bag until they get a rancho nice and worn in for a turnover disc.

So, if you played 12 months a year, for 4 years, replacing a roc every 3 months to fill the overstable slot, you would spend $144. All that in the time it takes for me to lose 1 Z Buzz.
For me, my overstable Roc was never my primary Roc. My seasoned Roc is my $$$ Roc and takes the majority of my throws. The overstable Rocs take longer to break in because I just don't throw them as often.

Once I had been throwing Rocs for a couple of years, I had six in my bag. Overstable/seasoned/turnover with a backup for each. That spread the throws around a lot. I could get 9-12 months easy out of a six Roc lineup without needing to replace one.

The expensive part of cycling is that start-up of getting the six discs in the first place, after that it is one or two discs a year. Even at that getting six DX Rocs is basically the same price as buying 3 Star or ESP discs, and if you are going to throw a Z Buzzz you need a Hornet and a Meteor to compliment it so you are pretty much right there price-wise. From there in theory you save the $9-$18 the a Roc guy might spend per year for new Rocs. The savings is not huge, is spread out over a long period and is based on the idea that you are not going to get back-ups for your premium plastic discs. I don't know any serious Z Buzzz throwers that own one.

In the end it's a wash. It's a nice theory, but it just doesn't pan out.
Furthur wrote:Either get a lighter one, throw harder, or find a disc with more glide.
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