2 Months In. Need some help.

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2 Months In. Need some help.

Postby kprestel » Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:43 pm

So Ive been playing about 2 months now and I am getting good. I can do most shots, but I am still looking for discs.

I like backhand the most but I am decent forehand

I have a lot of plastic for only 2 months I just like trying things.

DX Valk 171 Worn. I throw it about 300-350 consistently this is my disc I flip. But the problem is that when I do flip it it doesnt come back left.
DX Beast 171 Beat. Idk what happened to this disc that thing got beat hard. So I usually just roll it when thrown it will just fllip over.
Z Avenger SS 174 Worn. This is my anhyzer disc. One of those discs that I need for just a few holes but it plays a good role.
Z Surge 175. This disc is my Max D disc. Throws about 350 then fades. Also I use for a headwind
Bliz Tee Devil 150. Again Max D but I am afraid to use it when there is wind. Still I like it.

Fairway Driver:
Lat 64 River Opto 173. Great disc. When thrown hard I can flip it straight then count on the fade but I dont get the distance that I do with a driver.
(I just lost) 171 Star Teebird. throw it flat and hard and count on the fade

Mid Range:
Buzzz Z plastic 170. My go to mid range. Overstable for me and I like to throw a spike hyzer at the basket.
KC Pro Flat Top Roc 180. Throw it straight and it goes straight. Holds a great line for me.
Star Ontario Roc 180. Turn over mid range.

Beat SS Wizard 174. My driving putter. I can flip it to go straight.
Soft Wizard 174. I use it most for upshots and some putts.
MVP Ion 173. My go to putter. I love the glide on this thing.

So thats my bag. My holes are mostly in the drivers. But let me know what you think about my bag. Please give me some discs to check out!
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Re: 2 Months In. Need some help.

Postby JR » Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:04 pm

The SS Wizard probably won't stand up to abuse of driving long. The nature of the DX Beast is to break in quickly and a lot. You have good discs already and you could do fine with them so i wouldn't go around switching a lot. One thing you could try is to get a less power hungry Blizzzard disc for more distance. The Teedevil is a beefy disc for your power level. Katana or 130s Boss for harder fade or say 138(floats in water)-145 Wraith for slightly straighter finishes. Out of these the Boss tackles winds the best. The reason i suggest these discs is to get the same thing you get from the Teedevil -stretching the hand and fingers to grip well and grow your gripping power for future growth purposes while pointing out nose up tendencies so that you can train to counter that. With probably more distance than you get now. Wraith is Innova Surge but with more distance, speed and fade but not by a large margin in any of those categories. The lesser weight will more than counter the higher power requirement of a Wraith vs Surge weight for weight.
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