Starter discs for Ultimate players

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Re: Starter discs for Ultimate players

Postby BLURR » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:05 am

I would go with either of these:

173-175 Z-Comet
173-175 Z-Glide

The glide is a little bit less stable than the comet, but both are really easy disc's to throw.
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Re: Starter discs for Ultimate players

Postby ribbyjazz » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:22 pm

Update on my quest to find the right discs for my ultimate arm.

Thank you flipflat for the lid suggestion. I was already throwing lids but the forum led me to some new stuff. I got a Rattler and love it. It looks like it is just a mini Ultrastar. I need to break it in more but I am almost as accurate with it as my polecat on forehands and I can put a little more touch on it than the polecat which is awesome because it usually keeps me closer to the basket on a miss. In the wind the Rattler popped up less than the Polecat on longer approaches. That kept me way closer to the basket as the wind grabbed the polecat and took it way left. I have to put a little more anny on Rattler than I want for RH forehand outside in curves at the basket. I hope that as it breaks in I can do less of that. I also saw on the forum that they make more rubbery ones which I think I will like. Mine is very stiff.

On that note I was talking to Bill Wright at Wright Life yesterday. I know Bill from Ultimate and all the other disc sports he plays so I knew he would have some good advice. He likes throwing less discs but discs that are more versatile. He throws lighter discs and / or more under-stable discs that he can do a lot with. As an ultimate player that is my game. I can thrown an Ultrastar in a myriad of ways accurately. Bill also said that he likes to flip stuff for distance from a hyzer angle because he has more power there than he does when he tries to throw flat or anhyzer. I am the same and think that it is partly an ultimate thing as to throw flat with an ultrastar I usually flip it flat unless the throw is really close.. In my initial testing trying to throw closer to my chest I have gotten a lot less distance and power. I still need to go out with a pro and have them watch me and/or get some videos up for people to critique.

My plan is to thoroughly test all the discs I have with the various throws that I have in my arsenal from Ulti. I am hoping that I find discs that are the best in my bag at more than one thing so that I can start to master their potential and leave the other stuff at home at least for a little bit. On that note some of the discs that I just bought may fit that bill.

On the trip where I bought the Rattler I also got a Z Buzz, 175 and a Z Stalker, 168. These are both great. What I like about both of them so far is that they are so forgiving. If I don't throw them perfectly they still go close to where I wanted them to go. I like that I can throw the stalker at shorter distances also. I still need to go throw some flicks with the Buzz. I am hoping that it is the disc I start to use for those over 200 shots where I want the disc to end right.
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