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Re: discraft xl

Postby andrew » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:06 pm

Just bought an Elite Pro XL from PIAS and spent the afternoon throwing it alongside several others and found it very similar to my GL River but much domier and with a more favorable grip and inner rim slant/depth. Both these discs carve great lines with lots of glide. Eventually threw the River in the truck and played a round wit the XL...

Disc Golf (n): A game in which a round plastic object is thrown into trees until it is beat in to resemble its preferred flight characteristics, at which point it is thrown into a lake.
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Re: discraft xl

Postby KelReeves » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:34 am

Yes I find the X XLs to be very similar to Gold Line Rivers. IMO they have almost as much glide especially in X or Pro D plastic. If you but one in Pro D, once it gets beat it is a hyser flip machine. I have only one Z XL and it is unlike all my others. I think it is a freak, it has the high speed stability of a Champ Teebird and the hard fade of a Champ Eagle. I would carry it but I use my OLF to cover those shots.
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