Maxing out around 250 feet, how to proceed?

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Maxing out around 250 feet, how to proceed?

Postby Indy's broken whip » Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:03 am

black udder wrote:Not getting past 300' I would think at least some of the following:

1) Not pulling tight enough
2) Not stopping the elbow
3) Nose up throws
4) No wrist extension
5) Pulling too early
6) Not weight forward
7) Not finishing

I have read almost all the pages in this thread, secret techniques, right pec drills etc (not sure if I understood it though...), been practicing on field and at inside, but I max out around 250 feet (70-90 meters). As I certainly have lots of flaws in my technique, I'm wondering which would be the most useful things to focus first. I feel that hammer pound etc are somewhat out of my scope at the moment, as there are probably so many issues wrong...

1. I'm quite sure I pull tight enough (close to the chest if that's what it means).

2. I have never figured this out, expect right now when testing without disc I finally seem to get that whipping feel when I keep the lower arm limp and more closer to my waist (as opposed to shoulder height how I throw) and turn my torso quickly from shoulder pointing 90 degrees away from the target to shoulder pointing towards target. But also my elbow pops every time...

3. This happens sometimes, especially if I try to run-up which doesn't seem to help to get much distance anyways, so I throw usually without any steps.

4. I'm pretty sure I have problems here also, I can't really get this working with power grip and/or other than putter approaches.

5. Been practising this and have already felt some improvement, the throws seem more effortless and the sort of woosh sound has appeared at the end part of the throw.

6. Does this mean weight towards the target? This has been bit problematic for me also, but I'm getting better on it at least on a bit.

7. Same as 6, I feel that my front leg is sometimes bit too stiff, doesn't pivot properly etc without really focusing on it.

I just figured out one thing when reading all the stuff again, I read Blake's article about telegraphing your shot about a year ago (, and I somehow understood it that I should twist my wrist at the reachback to the opposite way I wan't to disc to be in release (ie hyzer angle at reachback -> anhyzer release), but am I right that instead of that, I should be bending my upper body forward or backward and keep the disc more or less flat relatively to my body in order to incorporate hyzer of anhyzer shots? Currenly I have been throwing really upright, unless throwing knife hyzers or big anhyzers which keep the angle whole time, and I have also turned the wrist quite much. So this is one obvious(?) thing I need to practice, would you say that the stopping the elbow is the biggest thing to learn assuming that the nose up problems are not there? Or which would be to correct way to proceed when only maxing around 250 feet?

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edit: Hmm, I was going to reply maxing out @ 300 thread but somehow I managed to make a new topic...
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Re: Maxing out around 250 feet, how to proceed?

Postby cubeofsoup » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:13 am

If you can get a video of you throwing, that would allow people to give you very specific advice. It is easily your best option at this point. Generally a few throws from the side and a few throws from behind are sufficient.
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Re: Maxing out around 250 feet, how to proceed?

Postby Indy's broken whip » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:11 am

Thanks, I'll do that next time we go to play with my friend.
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Re: Maxing out around 250 feet, how to proceed?

Postby JR » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:31 am

Moi video tosiaan auttaisi. Missä päin sä asut, mä olen Helsingissä? Varmaan monessakin seurassa järkätään opastuksia. Turun suunnalla 7k ja Hesassa Talin tallaajat järjestävät opastusta. Muitakin paikkoja varmaan löytyy saada liveopetusta.

If you look at Joonas Hynönen 2007 Finnish Champ, Emil Dahlgren from Sweden and Dave Greenwell plus Brian Scweberger from the USA you can see how they raise the disc fairly upright in the reach back and keep it that way for a while in the throw forward. It adds power but man it is difficult to get the correct hyzer angle with that way. Normally you want to be fairly upright when the disc rips out of the hand.

1: That is what it means there are differing opinions and forms and all seem to be able to get people to 180 meters. Some pull close to the right pectoral muscle, some left some both.

2: The arm should be loose until later in the throw like the last 30 cm or so of the arm motion. There you'll get a lot more explosiveness. But getting the feeling is helpful and it's so much more easy to gain without a disc to slow down the arm. Muscle power and nerve speed improvements make the acceleration faster and easier to field. Training the muscle opposite the bicep (ojentajatreeni) helps over time. When the arm straightens faster it is easier to point the arm at the target to get the disc pivot maximized from the ease of holding the elbow in place for a while. There is momentum to make the arm follow through far.

4: Yup the tighter the arm is the more locked into place it can be. But it ain't easy to feel and see that at first. Ville Piippo was a European champ before he saw in a video i shot of him that in his sidearm drives his wrist bent back. He thought his wrist was stiff enough to not bend back. At least straighter than it was.

6: Yes but don't overdo it. You need to remain balanced.

7: Might mean that your final step is too long and the knee is straight, possibly setting the whole sole of the foot on the ground and bracing the right leg hard. Do you ever jam the right leg in place tilting forward at the hip with the left leg flying forward trying to keep you from tripping on your face? If it happens at high speeds so slowing down and not raising the whole right leg from the hip joint toward the target when the torso points 90 degrees away from the target can help.

Flat shots should keep the disc at a constant height above the ground. Hyzers and annies do vary in height. Hyzers rise and annies rise then fall before the disc rips out.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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Re: Maxing out around 250 feet, how to proceed?

Postby Indy's broken whip » Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:40 am

Thanks for the tips, have to keep practicing. I think I should be going to the weekly tournaments here at central Finland, might learn something compared to the throwing with my equally bad friend. :D

I now shot some video of my throws:
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