Hello! + Whats in my bag and why

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Hello! + Whats in my bag and why

Postby Alexx » Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:30 pm

Hey guys haven't posted much here so let me introduce my bag.

Wedge DX - My first putter I ever got, and my favorite basically the one I use always
Birdie DX - Great putter I use it for really short putts and practicing in the yard as I have 4 of them
Rhyno DX - Putter I use when it's windy

Shark DX - Short intermediate mid range shots, nice reliable straight flying mid
Roc R-pro - Love the bigger circumference and softer plastic and this thing is a beast. Made more aces and long birdies with this disc than I can keep track of, it is my go-to mid.

Gazelle DX - I can't believe more people don't use this disc probably the most underrated disc there is. It is amazing and I have aced many holes with this disc. Really good in the wind too I use it as a mid when its windy and short drives otherwise.
Firebird DX - I drive with this when it's windy and also use it for overhand shots.
Archangel DX - This is my roller disc.
Valkarie DX - My first driver and my most used disc I have. Amazing driver that flies predictable and gets huge distance. It seems to get better with age. I don't think I will ever use another driver as my staple because this one is perfect and I love the feel of the shape. Shame that it got ran over by a car though. I been meaning to get a new one but can't find one that is the same 167 weight.

So that's it. Very simple I don't want to add any more molds as I have everything I need with this setup and a disc for every situation I have encountered. I only use innova discs and mostly the DX plastic because they are cheap and I like the feel of them. I have been disc golfing for about a year now but I play at least 18 holes every day of the week so I have made significant progress.

What do you guys think of having multiple discs of the same mold but different weights and plastics? I was considering experimenting with them.
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Re: Hello! + Whats in my bag and why

Postby cubeofsoup » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:53 pm

Having multiples of the same mold is generally thought of as a good thing on this forum. The idea is you have a consistent feel of the mold but you can have different plastics and weights to fill different shot types and conditions. I personally have multiples of my Roc, Teebird, and Wraith.

From what you like in the bag I would suggest maybe a DX Roc to pair nicely with your Shark and R-Pro Roc. If you want the Firebird to remain overstable as long as possible, a Champion or Glo Champion version would be best.

What kinds of distances are you hitting with these discs?
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