Ace pool payouts.

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Ace pool payouts.

Postby isobar » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:13 am

So I recently played the round of my life during a casual round sadly. But I hit two aces in one round. This got me wondering, if you are playing leagues with an ace pool I know the general rule is if two people get an ace, they split the pot. But what happens if say I get 2 aces and Bob gets one. Do we still split it 50/50, do I get 2/3s or do I get it all? I know for lottery tickets for example, if I buy 2 tickets of the same numbers and Bob also gets the same numbers, I get 2/3rds the payout... what would you guys do since I am guessing this would be up to the TD.
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Re: Ace pool payouts.

Postby RagingTide » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:34 am

i would say it would be up to the club/league to determine what would be appropiate. Our club has set rules that both players would be paid the set amount (currently $200). Our club currently has a surplus in the ace fund for league events. During my summer league this year we did not have any aces, but this fall we have already had 1.

During a tournament round i would imagine that if the pot was small, it should be distributed in a fair manner.

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