Using your bag as a backstop?

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Using your bag as a backstop?

Postby Itchy » Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:53 pm

Before I play in the mornings I like to eat my breakfast at the park. I was eating and watching people play and this one guy would putt on a hyzer and always put his bag about 6 feet behind the basket a little to the left. Well, he missed about 1/3rd of his putts that I watched, but if he missed, he missed wide right and his putter would hyzer around and hit his bag then stop.

I know if somebody else's bag is in your way and you don't ask them to move it, it becomes a part of the course, but can you purposely place your own bag to stop your disc? Is there some kind of sportsmanship rule against that?
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Re: Using your bag as a backstop?

Postby curt » Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:30 pm

Part of Rule 803.07.A reads: "Players shall not stand or leave their equipment where interference with the flight
or path of a disc could easily occur."

The rules go on to clarify that an away player may require a other players to move their bags, but doesn't say anything about someone intentionally putting their bag in the way. I think the rule is pretty clear on not leaving your bag where it can easily get in the way of a shot, but there isn't any punishment for it in the rulebook. I think if someone did this repeatedly, and refused to quite, they could be disqualified for intentionally breaking the rules though. (I think that's in there somewhere).
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