What happened to Salomons?

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Re: What happened to Salomons?

Postby steezo » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:49 pm

I wear a lot of Salomon and they are great. I like Brooks shoes as well. The Brooks Cascadia 4's were awesome and i owned two different pairs for over 5 years. The new Brooks Cascadia 7's tore apart in less than a year. They felt lighter than the 4's but didn't feel as stable. Oh and they tore up in less than a year but REI took care of me. I bought a pair Salomon XT Wings S-Lab over the weekend using the 20% REI Outlet Member discount and I'm really excited to try them out. Thurs can't come fast enough 8)

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Re: What happened to Salomons?

Postby JR » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:09 am

mikes919 wrote:
JR wrote:
mikes919 wrote:I'm on my 4th pair of XA Pro 3D Ultra GTX's (over about 5 years) and I'll keep wearing them until the stop making them. I still see them in stores everywhere. I haven't found anything else as comfortable, waterproof, and low to the ground. I do have fairly narrow feet.

Have you read the thread about Vivobrefoot Off Roads? That is lower to the ground and water proof. It is comfy for me YMMV because people vary. My heels are very thin and the lest is very wide as it needs to be with a minimalist shoe.

Yikes, those are a little extreme for me but they do look pretty cool. I just know that after my second pair of Salomon's I tried playing in a few other brands (North Face, Merrell, something else I cant remember) and couldn't get over how thick the soles felt in comparison. I haven't had any of the wear issues with the XA Pro's that other people have mentioned. I'm sticking with those and orange superfeet until I can't find them anymore I think. I still want a little bit of support.

You think they are thin?!!!! No way man. You have been lucky because people have broken 3D variations in a few weeks. You have keepers so use them till they're dead and then it is time to evaluate what else is on the market or if you wanna gamble with durability issues. If you get a new pair be sure to purchase it from a store that has a great return policy.
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Re: What happened to Salomons?

Postby Star Shark » Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:54 pm

I will say that my XA Pro 3d Ultra 2's had quality issues that my original xa pro 3ds didn't have. The pouches that contain the laces blew out after a couple of weeks. Other than that, they did narrow down the toe box to the new versions, which screws them up for me.
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