Innova bag and lots of discs

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Innova bag and lots of discs

Postby xdiscgolfer » Mon Oct 18, 2004 12:06 pm
I have an Innova tour bag, blue and 20 discs for sale. If anyone is interested I have pictures. Almost all the discs are between 165 and 180 and in good shape, some are brand new. These are going on e-bay if nobody here wants to buy them. I want to sell it all as a package.

The bag is the Innova Tour bag- the big one with the cup holder and stuff with brand new Quad Shock straps

Champion Aviar- 170
Aviar- 150
Leopard- 174
Gazelle- 175
Tee Bird- ???
Champion Monster- 169
Stingray- 171
Wolf- 170
KC 11 time Gazelle- 170-ish
Whippet- 175
Champion Beast- 175
Discraft Reaper- 172
KC Banshee- 172
Champion Firebird- 175
Champion Shark- 180
Champion Viking- 168
ROC- 180
KC ROC- 175
Gremlin- 170
Shark- 166

10/22 Update: I'm giving this another few days and I'm posting it on e-bay.
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