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Game Development, Bag Thoughts

Postby bsnone1 » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:22 pm

So I've been pretty glued to this forum for the past month or so, really trying to figure out how to improve at this game that I've fallen in love with playing. I'm about 4 months in at this point and play 2-3 time per week and get another 1-2 hours of practice in per week (more as the days start getting longer and I have daylight). After digging through dozens of threads on this forum I found something that was a bit eye opening to me - a post by Blake_T (big surprise right) in a discussion of the teeRex. He described two players, both into the game both of which took very different paths through disc selection. I see a lot of the Player A is this situation in the guys I play with: they've all been playing about two years longer than I have and interestingly enough, 2 out of 3 of them throw almost exclusively forehand. As I was moving through the early stages of my game it was all about how fast the driver was - here throw this nuke, it'll go further - here try a destroyer, etc, etc. And I fell into this, especially having a decent amount of success with a blizzard katana that a friend didn't want - instantly my 220 drives were going 260 and I was pretty hooked. The idea of throwing a midrange is still pretty much out of the question for most of the guys I play with so it took a bit before I was introduced the vast amount of discs available. This eventually lead me here... So what I've decided to do is become the player "b" in Blake_T's made up scenario. I've accumulated roughly 30 discs since starting but I've parred everything in my bag down to the following, hoping to improve and find a way to "disc up" in the coming months/years. Right now I'm committed to keeping a bag fairly similar to what I threw for 36 holes today:

171 Champion TeeBird (bought used but not overly beat in)
??? Champion Leopard (again bought used and rather beat in - can barely make out that it was a leopard and haven't found a way to weigh the disc yet, I'm thinking it is 165-170 but not 100% sure)
150 Champion Leopard (more on this later...)
171 Roc 3
172 Z Buzzz
173 Proton Ion
175 SS Wizard
175 SSS Warlock

This is my thought process. Yes, I can throw my Beast, Valkyrie, Orion LS, Katana, and Opto Saint further than my TeeBird, but not what I believe to be optimal for the disc themselves. On a good drive, I can make the TeeBird "S curve" out to about 275-280. The older leopard about the same. The lightweight Leopard I almost always turn over with OAT (this, I think is a sign of me trying to kill the disc(??) - even when I thought I was throwing on a hyzer the disc came out as a straight anny on one of the holes I played today)

My goal is to learn to try and shape and control as much as I can and build up distance and slowly move back into the valks, orions, wraiths, etc. as my game improves. I might make some tweeks here and there, I've never thrown an XD, gazelle, cyclone, comet - all of which have been brought up in posts I've read.

I'm initially thinking, and after 36 holes today have a little to go with that the bag right now plays like this:

TeeBird (main driver for longer holes, best disc dealing with the wind, continue to build distance)
Leopard (develop a hyzer flip with the disc and see what happens, continue to build distance)
Roc3 (drive on shorter holes (<250ft) nice shot shaping disc, likes to do what I expect it to do, can stand still this disc to about 160)
Buzzz (for tight windows/hallways/tunnels - this disc is the straightest disc in my bag, slightly shorter than the roc3)
SS Wizard (upshot putter 100 ft and in)
Ion (inside the circle putter)
SSS Warlock (I like this for stall putts, it just will land soft)

the big thing I learned today was that the 60-80 ft shot is damn hard for me to figure out. I know it is a putter and it's not a full putter at all, or a standstill with a reach back - these go more in the 100-110 ft range for me) and I can't seem to straddle putt out this far at all, really anything outside of 50 ft I can't seem to straddle putt at all right now) Anyone have ideas on this shot? Kindof reminds me of the 60 yard shot in ball golf - uncomfortable...

So essentially I'm going to try my damnedest to develop my game this way. Have several shots in the bag beyond just bombing something out there.

A quick question - there seems to be a lot of talk about buying low end plastic to really learn how discs fly. Living in the desert eats these discs alive where as the champ/star plastics really hold up to knocking into trees and landing on desert rock all day long... Am I hurting my development running out champ plastic discs???

Anyone build a game like this? Thoughts??? Pros/cons? Suggestions?
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Re: Game Development, Bag Thoughts

Postby JR » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:41 pm

60' to past 100' are stand still putter throws with a limited reach back and depending on how far you can jump putt that may be an option too. For me 150' is possible but not repeatable when i'm tired or not warmed up. Throwing to those distances needs repetition. How about starting from left pec RHBH or the mirror for a lefty? If that is too long center of the body then right pec and so on. Since there are so many discs out there these days you can get most lines out pf primo plastics but late turns tend to be easier with worn base plastic discs.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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