Soft putter vs. Hard putter.

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Soft putter vs. Hard putter.

Postby Loop » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:16 am


Now there is a lot of talk about this topic going on outside and inside the internets. Probably here too, but I didn't find a topic specially dedicated to this. Buuut if I just missed it, you can link it here. :)

What is your opinion about the stiffness of a PUTTING putter, inside the circle?

Now I know a stiff putter is pretty much a must in the States, where the temperature varies a lot more than in my cold country. But is temperature the only reason for a stiff putter?
Is the only reason that the top players use hard putters, the fact that its sometimes nearly 40C (yeah I use Celsius. Google has convertors) in the USA?
And how much does the temperature really change a soft putter, on a range of 0-30C?

What do you think are the pros and cons of a stiff putter, or a soft putter?
Spitouts on hard ones? Floppiness in extreme warmth with soft ones?

Enlighten me. 8)

Oh and I dont mind personal opinions, but I would love some hard facts, outside of a subject's individual feelings, imaginings, or interpretations.

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Re: Soft putter vs. Hard putter.

Postby JR » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:47 am

The softer the putter the easier it folds and bounces back out on harder putts. Especially from the pole. So they like lower aiming to a smaller catching area is not a good idea make rate and safety margin wise. Slick discs need a tighter grip which slows down the arm movement for less snap and accuracy. A matter your question did not address is the flexiness of the disc. Some discs can be fairly hard and yet have give in the flight plate which adds grip just as thumb tracks, grooves and other grip enhancers do. They also change the game grip or should i say not slipping out wise while maintaining loose muscles for best results. Soft X Banger GT works grip and muscle looseness wise in Finnish winter and is great in the Finnish summer too but there are even easier to putt tackiness and muscle looseness wise in the winter. Hard discs cut through more easily and are not slowed down by the chains as much during winter. Some say that stiff discs won't deform in the grip and release more consistently giving a firmer feel in the hand that is helpful in the physical feedback sensation of the arm acceleration. That can be used for added aiming method=accuracy. It is somewhat of a learning matter though so it could help some and not others. Putting style, preferences, aiming methods and how people use their muscles vary so the results do too. As does temperature like you mentioned and at 40C stiffer discs are not floppy get tackier for nicer/great grip while remaining stiff enough to not release deformed and bounce out from flexing. Not having thrown in 40C i cannot say how any disc would work then.
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Re: Soft putter vs. Hard putter.

Postby discraft » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:23 am

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