punch's newbi bag help

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punch's newbi bag help

Postby punch » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:09 pm

Just started playing a couple months ago. Looking for help/guidance for bag. I have a single Nutsac bag and would like to keep my discs down to 5-7. I am throwing about 300 ft currently and need to work on my form. Here are my discs.

175g Champ Sidewinder
150g DX Leopard
150g DX Shark
180g DX Shark
180g DX Roc (Rancho)
150g DX Aviar P&A
171g Champ Rhyno

I started out with the innova starter set (150g discs), I don't like how light they are they seem to get knocked around by any slight breeze so I bought a 180 DX Roc and 180 DX Shark X-Outs to try them out. I want to replace all the 150g discs. What would you replace them with? I would like to keep it to Innova and Discraft since they are the easiest to find. Does the sidewinder overlap the leopard? Should I replace the leopard with a heavier champ version? I am still trying to decide between the shark and the roc. I have been using the rhyno as my main putter and short apporach disc. Please give me your suggestions.
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Re: punch's newbi bag help

Postby JR » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:44 pm

Hi. Star Leopards are the most wind resistant variant that flips way less, fades earlier and harder being shorter but they are by no means wind beaters. Teebirds take winds better. Sidewinders are longer than Leos but otherwise pretty similar to a used DX Leo.
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Re: punch's newbi bag help

Postby Fenrir » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:35 pm

I would say that either the shark or roc can be a workhorse mid it just depends on what you like the feel of I started with the shark now I use rocs.
Leo is a great mold for learning with and can do a lot if you want something that's better in the wind a banshee or eagle x is pretty good for your power level and can grow with you.
I'm tossing about 400 on a good day and have Eagles in my bag.
Also I would do mids around 170-175 grams and drivers between 165-170g even some of the pros don't use max weight discs so unless you can crush rocks in your hand you don't need them that heavy also keep the 150g stuff as they make good get outta trouble discs. That's just my .02
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