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Re: Tracking your progress?

Postby JR » Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:58 am

You had the trifecta. Added accuracy, distance and putting. Savor these moments because usually it takes longer and longer to gain any of those and the better you are the less there is to improve and the lesser the gains. Work, work, work ahead and the law of diminishing returns. Don't worry once you realize how hard things get every small step forward seems like a huge achievement and rewards in a great feeling.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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Re: Tracking your progress?

Postby cubeofsoup » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:27 pm

PMantle wrote:
JR wrote:Tracking skills rather than scores predicts future improvement better.

I haven't found one of those cards yet.

You mentioned ball golf, stats from ball golf that you could somehow fit into disc would be: fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts per round.

Applied to disc golf you could track:
Fairways hit: did you hit the gap you wanted and do you have a reasonably unobstructed second shot?
GIR: do you have a par (or better) putt from inside the circle?
Putts per round: obvious stat, the less the better.

Skip keeping overall score, have a notebook, or even a scrap of paper, just tally fairways hit, GIR, and putts. Play three rounds at your home course then correlate the missed fairways and greens with the types of shots required to make those shots. Now you have field practice ideas that will directly affect your on course outcome. It could be there is a huge mix which means you just need practice on consistency and your mental game. It could be you are struggling with a particular type of shot and working on that will greatly help your score.

Once the baskets get put back in at my home course I am going to try this out.
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Re: Tracking your progress?

Postby PMantle » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:56 am

My obsession with distance is about over now. I can reach all but 2 holes, and more distance on those two are not going to do me any good really. They are placement holes anyway. Putting is going to get the majority of my practice time.
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Re: Tracking your progress?

Postby luma » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:43 pm

I would agree on putting being the most important part to lower your score. You can certainly save 5-8 strokes a round with putting, but not with better driving (except if you improve your driving dramatically).
With distance, I don't know...I consider myself to still be a newbie (8 months in) and I can throw around 380-400. I would certainly not say that it's the distance that costs me most strokes, I think it's better to get it 350 and consistent, than getting it out 450 and missing left & right (well if you want to be on top of the world rankings you might need 450 and straight... :) ). A good friend of mine is getting his drives out to around 450-470 (and mostly straight), and the thing that I noticed, is that he can certainly throw much easier lines, like a 400' hyzer instead of having o thread it through a gap with an S shot like I have to. Also, when he has to throw around let's say 380', it's a fairly relaxed shot for him, while for me it is a "full-power" shot. I do not want to talk you into practicing for distance, I still think putting is more important, but I would think that a few feet longer makes quite a difference here and there... :)
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Re: Tracking your progress?

Postby PMantle » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:48 pm

Oh, I just said my obsession is over, not that I don't want anymore. :D

There's one more power situation I can't come close to tackling at my course yet. This one hole was made to play like a 90 dogleg left. I have to drive about 280 to 290 or so(can't recall)down a treeline, then make a 90 left through a small gap in the trees. The bigger arms just go over the trees from the pad. I can't do that.
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