Everything goes left now..

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Everything goes left now..

Postby sqorbit » Wed May 15, 2013 9:55 am

I'm pretty much new to the sport. Started playing this year but became quickly addicted and have played a bunch of courses of the past few weeks.

While not driving far I was very happy to find I had decent control over my drives and could get a decent straight drive with a Leopard DX and was doing well with second shots with a Shark. I also have a Buzz and Rattler in my bag that I've had some good luck with. I'm becoming more attached to my Buzz as I play more.

The last two times I played I have had horrible results with everything I throw. Everything goes in a giant arch to the left (I throw RHBH). I swear I'm throwing a boomerang as the discs are coming almost full circle backwards to the left in a giant sweeping arch. I try to blame it on the discs but they just don't seem to listen. The 2nd course I played had very little wind so I couldn't blame it on that either. Even when I throw my Avair for approach shots it slides left.

Any suggestions on where I should start in trying to correct this?
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Re: Everything goes left now..

Postby keltik » Wed May 15, 2013 9:58 am

all discs will finish left RHBH. That is the natural fade for that throw. I suspect you are throwing nose up. search this site for nose up and you will get plenty of info about how to throw flat.

quick tip: lean forward and bend your knees as you throw. and don't try to throw hard, try to throw smooth.
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Re: Everything goes left now..

Postby bents » Wed May 15, 2013 4:46 pm

keltik wrote: I suspect you are throwing nose up.

If it is a nose up problem, it might just be the way you're gripping it in your hand or angling your wrist. This isn't too hard to fix.

It might be because your body weight isn't shifting hard enough over your right foot. With not enough weight shift, your whole body is slanted backwards a little bit. With a correct weight shift, you should need to step forward with your left foot to keep your balance during the follow-through. This is tricky to get right. It requires a good kick/push off with the left foot during the throw.

It might also just be something funky happening with your arm because you're a noob. Try to keep your elbow, wrist, and the disc all at the same height during the throw. If you're used to throwing ultimate-style frisbees, your arm is probably too low.
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Re: Everything goes left now..

Postby Terrence » Wed May 15, 2013 11:00 pm

Imagine a left-handed baseball player swinging at a ball thrown just above the knees: he will bend forward at the waist and all of his weight will be on his left foot. In order to create that sort of extreme hyzer your (RHBH) body position must be similar to this. Have a friend record you throw from either side of you. Seeing yourself throw makes it much easier to make simple adjustments without over thinking it. It's easy to over-analyze as a beginner- this will make the game less fun.
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