WTT:06 Aug Wraith, Wasp-tooled Buzz, Preds, Bosses, Strikers

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WTT:06 Aug Wraith, Wasp-tooled Buzz, Preds, Bosses, Strikers

Postby corey115 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:24 pm

Pictures upon request for any discs. PM me your email for pictures. It's been a while, but I have a ton of positive feedback from years ago. Also I am partially color blind so sorry if I mess up colors. If you are interested in a disc, I will get you a picture so you aren't surprised about the color later.

Sleepy's Scale:
10- Never thrown, no ink, brand new condition
9- Field tested or used for one or two rounds
8- Lightly used with very minimal wear
7- Used with some minor dings or scuffs but still in good shape
6- Typical used disc with the usual dings, scratches but still worthy
5- Kinda beat, significant wear, has lost a good bit of it's stability
4 - Beat up turnover disc with some evident war story wear
3 or under- Beat to Hades dog chew toy

Wants: will do multiples for some of my wants since they are so specific, doesn't hurt to make an offer with something that is close to my wants
An older run predator that looks like this, pearly and super flat, no newer circle stamp ones
Any other older run pearly predators
174+g Buzzzes: bar stamp, rare, old, 10th anniversary, glo, flat
174+g Drones: LE FLX, Glo Z, cryztal FLX
168g Yeti Aviars, as close to 168g as possible
175g KC Pro Avairs
170+g Z Avengers, old batman stamp only
175g Star/Champion Eagle-X's
170+g Star/Champion Leopards
First Run Bosses
150g Z Flick
174+g Z/Ti Wasps
Anything else interesting

174.6g '06 Augusta Wraith, 9/10, green/yellow, no ink definitely a thrower, though it looks good enough for the wall
174.6g Wasp-tooled Z Buzzz, 9/10, tie-dye, no ink

173.7g XG Boss, 8.5/10, green/yellow, rim ink, Big D in the Desert tourney stamp
175.3g Champion Boss, 8/10, green/yellow, very faded ink, pre-flight numbers
175.1g Champion Boss, 8/10, orange, very faded ink, would be 8.5 if not for one gash
175.0g Champion Boss, 8/10, tie dye, no ink
175.0g Champion Boss, 8/10, blue, no ink, pre-flight numbers
174.4g Champion Boss, 8.5/10, dark pink/purple, in on back of plate, pre-flight numbers
173.9g Champion Boss, 7.5/10, dark pink/magenta, faded ink, pre-flight numbers
172.9g Champion Boss, 7.5/10, green/yellow, no ink
172.7g Champion Boss, 8.5/10, blue, rim ink, pre-flight numbers
172.3g Champion Boss 8/10, blue, pre-flight numbers
172.7g Champion Wraith, 8.5/10, green/yellow, minimal rim ink, still has "like new" stability
172.5g Champion Dominator, 9/10, blue, no ink
175.0g 12x Champion Teebird, 9/10, pink, rim ink, pre flight numbers, still has "like new" stability
173.3g 12x Champion Teebird, 8.5/10, orange, rim ink, pre flight numbers, still has "like new" stability
168.1g DX Teerex, 7.5/10, pink, no ink
165.3g DX Valkyrie, 7.5/10, white, no ink
179.7g First Run DX Wolf, 7/10, yellow, no ink

174.3g Elite Z Predator, 8/10, black on top and green on bottom (really cool disc), ink
170.6g Elite Z Predator, 9.5/10, light pink, no ink, beautiful disc
170.1g Elite Z Predator, 8/10, green, ink, still very stable
174.4g Elite Z Predator, 8/10, tie dye with red/blue/yellow/clear, no ink
173.8g Elite Z Talon, 8/10, blue, ink and weird paint stains on back, top of disc is fine
174.6g Elite Z XL, 8.5/10, orange, inner rim ink, old discraft logo/run
174.3g Elite Z XL, 8.5/10, orange, inner rim ink, old discraft logo/run
172.8g Elite Z XL, 8/10, blue, ink, pearly, old discraft logo/run
169.8g Elite Z XL, 9/10, yellow, no ink, pearly, old discraft logo/run
171.9g Elite X XL,7.5/10, yellow, ink on back, old discraft logo/run
170.8g Elite Pro XL, 7/10, pinkish tie dye, minimal ink, old run but no warping
177.5g Elite Z Hornet, 8/10, pink, no ink, still very stable, flight shows no signs of wear/tear
179.2g Ti Buzzz, 9.5/10, orange, no ink
178.9g Ti Buzzz, 10/10, orange, no ink, minor storage scuffs, never thrown
177.8g CryZtal Z Buzzz, 8.5/10, teal, rim ink
170.0g D Challenger, 8/10, blue, no ink, not warped, only used as putting putter

176.0g Gold Line Striker, 8.5/10, blue, no ink, straight flying
176.0g Opto Striker, 8.5/10, green, rim ink, still stable
171.7g Opto Striker, 8/10, grey/teal, no ink, still has stability
177.5g Opto Pain, 9.5/10, green, rim ink
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