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Putting critique

Postby caslavak » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:56 pm

I'm searching for help with my putting. My accuracy is not bad, I can get 9/10 from about 6 m (cca 20 ft) but if I go farther, it really much decreases due to swinging of the disc (it's almost not spinning). How to make disc fly nice and smooth? I use fan grip.
Thanks for advices!

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Re: Putting critique

Postby JR » Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:48 am

Welcome. You bend back at the waist but do not return upright before the disc leaves. You will gain power by pushing the pelvis forward. There are many putting techniques and your form does not create as much power as some others. If you bent your wrist back pulling the arm back and snapped it forward very quickly before the elbow straightens and extended the fingers straight you would gain a lot of power. Enough for out of the 10 meter circle where you can jump putt. Also leani g back more raising the right ball of the foot going back and shifting the weight forward adds a lot of power. Raising the arm higher at the release point makes the disc fly higher and glide farther. It may be enough alone to allow you to make 10 m putts without changing your form.

Pushing the pelvis forward and being upright at the release and fi ger spring are always good ideas as a rule. Exceptions might be super short putts.
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