Digging the Viking

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Digging the Viking

Postby tgm » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:59 pm

I finally decided to give the DX Viking a try. I picked up a couple new DX discs to try this week and I'm really liking the Viking. For the most part I throw the Teebird as my trusty go to driver (usually champ or DX) but my longest drives have come from throwing a Trak or PD. The PD was my distance driver for a bit but the Trak is currently playing that role. I have a hard time gripping wide rim drivers so the Trak/PD are about the limit of my comfort. I've thought about trying the Viking for a while but the Teebird just worked so well that I thought it really wouldn't make much sense but after throwing it, I think it might have a spot for a bit. It might be too early to call but this seems like a really nice distance disc, sort of a sleeper as I don't see much chat about it.

I know it's cliche but it throws like a really long Buzzz for me and goes a bit further than the Teebird with a similar throw. I haven't had a chance to compare directly to the Trak/PD but it seems similar. It feels just a bit less stable than the Teebird like the PD but it has nice glide and fits nicely in my hand.

I think it might make the bag as a distance hazard disc where water comes into play and I don't want to risk losing my Trak.

I haven't really seen many of these in the wild but it gets my thumbs up.
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Re: Digging the Viking

Postby chainsmoker » Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:35 am

I know Dave Dunipice was/is a fan of the Viking. I remember Dave promoting the Viking a lot back when I was on the PDGA forum.
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