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Re: Innova Atlas

Postby Monocacy » Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:13 pm

That would be very cool - playing a new course is vastly more enjoyable with an experienced guide. I hope to make it out that way again next summer.
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Re: Innova Atlas

Postby ForeverBlue232 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:24 am

Monocacy wrote:How does Atlas compare with Tangent in terms of glide, stability, and distance? I found the Tangent to be excellent for short drives and approaches in the woods, but unfortunately the Tangent not much longer than my putters.

On a recent trip to Oregon one of my playing partners was throwing beautiful clean hyzer lines with the Atlas.

For me, the two discs are quite similar. But it seems the Atlas is a little less likely for me to torque over, which may be what knocks the tangent (sparkle eclipse) out of my bag. I think the glide is similar if not a touch better on the Atlas. And yes, if I throw it with a little hyper, it holds that line very well.
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Re: Innova Atlas

Postby JR » Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:04 pm

No comparison test and only three rounds with a lime centered blue edged XT Atlas and generally it seems the same as my EO Atlas. Lime center is way tackier than the two other discs i tried at the shop. The stiffness of thd lime could have been a hair less than the other two but there is more variation between Novas in the core material. My Nova is tackier and floppier than what they make now and mine is an early one. I do not know if current production has variance or if all are like what i tried yesterday harder and fairly tacky still. Not gekko foot grippy any more though.

XT Atlad seemed to get scratched and dinged at about the same rate as DX on a rock covered course. Otherwise i foresee no trouble durability wise. I like mine. It is a good pair for Fuses because it is shorter and does not turn even with some headwind. Ok i flip it on all but the snappiest short arm movement fhs about four degrees. Not at all at full power bh. Likey. If it were not for the damage i might use it more on that rocky course. Bc FLX Buzzz is close and i have them and they survive the rocks i will probably stick to the Buzzz and not start a rotation of Atlases.
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