salient driver

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salient driver

Postby money 21 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:27 am

i picked up a salient prometheus (sure i spelled that wrong) driver in trade the other day it is huge and heavy. I can't throw it any father then other drivers but that probabley because of the weight. It was very stable (as in flies very straight) with a mild late fade. Where it was really doing something different was as a fh roller it realley stands up well.
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Re: salient driver

Postby Mike C » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:18 pm

It took me a few throws to get used to the feel of mine, but once I got comfortable with it I had some nice flights. Wasn't going quite as far as my seasoned 175g Quasar, but there is an 11g difference between the two and the Quasar is less overstable as well.

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Re: salient driver

Postby jubuttib » Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:54 am

Funny, I thought the maximum allowed rim width was 25 mm, but apparently not so, since the Prometheus and Double D have 26 mm rims.
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Re: salient driver

Postby BentElbow11 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:08 am

I thought so too. The Ninja had a 2.9cm rim, and couldn't get approved because of it.
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Re: salient driver

Postby Yig » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:23 am

A local shop called WYSIWYG in Manhattan , IL. had the Prometheus when I stopped in the other day. They have a large field out back and allow you to test out used discs and they have a few new demo discs.

The Prometheus' they had for sale and demo are like a Blizzard or Opto Air style plastic , and the demo unit I tried out was 168g.

I only tried a few throws with it, and never felt like I had a good launch. I typically have trouble throwing wide rimmed discs, so I knew this wouldn't be any different. That said, I could throw it much further than I can throw a Destroyer or a Groove , RHBH.

If you can handle a wide rimmed high speed disc, I would think the Prometheus might be worth looking into .

I ended up buying a used Flick 2.5 to use for RHFH drives. :oops: Prometheus is not for me at this point.
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