Westside (All the) World (is a dg course)

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Westside (All the) World (is a dg course)

Postby JR » Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:06 am

First attempts in fairly hard winds with a white tinted toward gray high PLH somewhat domey disc. The local store had about 20 Worlds and some were very flat and some had low PLH and little height under the outside edge even relative to the PLH. So i saw 4 different shapes in them. I have no idea on other shapes function so this first session in cold and nasty winds in cold weather restricting clothes does not tell the whole story. The fiel i used had traction for x steps only and i lost D in a previous session due to clothing and temps. I had the fastest cycle training of my life the day before but i was relatively ok considering.

Jalle Stoor (560' s-curve in competition is the longest one i've seen from him with a rating of well over 1000) said Worlds turn slowly a little. Which is always a good sign in a disc and the discs that do that tend to be outstanding. I do not know how dome height changes stability in this mold but seeing a millimeter lower PLH and varying tallnesses under the outside edge i assume there are a lot more understable examples out there. I think i got to 380-390' tops in moderate at best to heavy rear winds and almost as much from uneven grass into the headwind with 3' rise under my feet. But really it was probably a fluke and i was much more at 360-370' much of the time with winds sucking the disc down early. It is not the best glide in drivers out there and the fade occurs dozens of feet earlier than with the Crank i used for comparison. I had zero turn with the World. Into about 22 MPH headwind gust (predicted average speed that did not happen where i was and this gust felt even faster so as aguess it may not be too far off since gusts often are 50 % faster here than the averages) the disc turned late in the throw by about 3 degrees once but at other times there was no flipping at all into still stiff winds. The fade seems to be like a new Destroyer or a hair more with almost Boss like skipping but less fade than the Boss by a little.

That means that this disc gains distance from speed and is power hungry and nose angle sensitive and has a small apex height window when going for D. In these conditions it was too much of a disc for me but it might be a good moderately overstable disc in calm weather in the summer. No flips with my puny FHs and the grip suits FH well and there are even thinner Worlds out there that grip even better FH being flatter. The longest FH was 260-270' after skips but i was going for control throwing into headwinds.

To me it would serve OS disc role now. My arm is shot and nerve damage is rearing its ugly head. IDK if this disc is super gyroscopic or what but i have never had as many wrist roll unders as i had with my World. I hope it was just a bad day for me. If it is the disc this disc really needs a lot of arm muscle power.

Because this World is so OS and there are a lot more understable looking ones out there i am really interested in seeing how a lower PLH one flies. IDK what kind of dome height would be preferable because it is a fast disc already faster than the Crank and at least as fast as a Boss IIRC (not having one with me for a head to head comparison) so the thinner ones may not be that good if they don't also reduce the fade if the reduced height also reduce the glide that is odd. I need to clarify what i mean about the glide. It is a mixed bag in that the early fade onset means the disc starts to drop early from not staying flat as long as many other speedy discs. When tilted it does indeed show a pretty good deal of glide in that relative to the hyzer angle it drops surprisingly slowly but with my spin and speed today there was a lot of lateral movement especially in the skips because the disc would add hyzer angle pretty quickly into fairly steep angles but being so speedy and not dropping as quickly in an equal hyzer angle as a Boss the disc is still a long one.

I have heard of less meaty Giants than the initial release batch. I have intial release Sword and one from last year that are like day and night. I have the best kind of high PLH domey VIP Kings. My Giant is like a Spirit in stabnility with Force speed and more OS than the Force. Swords are likened to Destroyers often with less fade and my beefier one is like a new Destro and the new Sword is like a somewhat broken in Pro Destro=much less OS and flipping. The Kings flip but not terribly uncontrollably if not thrown into headwinds and fade late and little for such a fast disc with better glide than any of the others. The World i have is faster than any of these with about the same glide as the newer Sword and almost as much HSS as the Giant more than the beefier Sword and less LSS than the meathook Giant with more and earlier fade than the beefy Sword. The World is a slightly less LSS Boss without any loss in HSS so it is not comparable to a broken in Boss. It is more like a straighter Boss because only flat Bosses have as much HSS and since most are domey and less HSS than my World especially into headwinds the World can survive most winds and higher powered throwers when it has a high PLH.

This disc was impressive enough to make me want to try a lower PLH one because they may not be too much for me and are likely much straighter. Which could make them very long. If they are gonna make an Air World this high PLH mild to moderate dome height could be a good shape to look for in a lighter disc. Getting a lower PLH and possibly a different dome height one is not likely to show the true potential because it is likely that the ground will be frozen until May. I believe there is some HSS that can be sacrificed from the one i have and if it straightens out the late flight this could be a very worthy disc for 400' and above crowd and it hyzers beautifully so as an overstable disc even less power is needed for those lines. It pulls nicely out of fairly steep annies too but it was hard to believe how low it can be thrown per anny angle so i often threw it so high that it hyzered out on my less than optimal power. It did not ned much height compensation for the rear winds with annies which is telling of the high speed of the disc since the disc exhibits an early tilt to fade.

It is certainly a worthy disc for high powered players and a good disc not being as speed sensitive as Innova stuff. If the power requirement drops significantly with a lower PLH it should be a much more controllable and reliable disc for other lines than straight then an assured and fairly hard fade. Not having had a Destro in a side by side comparison i think the World may have a hair more fade than the Destro and earlier but will not drop as much pe given hyzer angle but adds to the hyzer at a faster rate skipping alittle more to the left. I had 50' lateral movement skip combos often.

Not many discs are this good in both BH and FH and i think high PLH ones can take fairly high powered FH shots and i am interested in seeing how big FH bombers could make these go and at which distance they start to turn and how much.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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