Putting Clairification

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Putting Clairification

Postby Geelaaboy » Wed May 28, 2014 8:32 pm

First of all I wanted to say thanks to the site admin, and members, (I've been "lurking" for years, decided to finally sign up) lots of great info for dg'ers,great stuff! Ok, so I've been playing for over 20 years, and with one friend mostly. We recently decided to have a "year long" competition, basically a weekly skins game worth 3 points per game to the winner,at the end of year, the one with the most points wins the year. This is our 3rd season, so we have slowly tightened up our rules enforcement. My friend, (we will call him Catbagger), was notorious for step putting (falling putt) which we have been enforcing for 2 years now. So last week, he made a 15ft putt towards the end of the match, and I called him on a falling putt. He broke the "cussing rule" instantly ( which i did not call him on lol), but continued to accuse me of cheating in an attempt to steal the match. Here's a description of his putt: He's right handed,his right foot was behind the marker, his left was 6" behind the marker, and as he putted, he lifted his back foot(left), disc hit chains, at the same time he puts his back (left) foot down, but now it's to the side of his right foot (landing in a straddle), and from my point of view was clearly 4-6" over the line of the marker as it relates to the basket. His attack on me stemmed around "who am i to play GOD" by deciding that his left foot crossed the line. My argument was it's a judgment call, based on establishing balance, and by lifting his rear foot, he is opening the door to be called every time he places his foot back down anywhere but behind his right foot. Questions:
1. Is a side step open for this call if I believe he has also stepped forward?
2. Does it sound like a falling putt to yall?
3. Whats the penalty for "cussing", and calling your opponent a "cheater" in case he acts like this again?

So, he did miss the 2nd putt, then continued to dress me down like never before, lost complete control, and lost the match.
Please give me your input, I will be showing this post to Catbagger. In his defense, he did shake my hand after the loss, and apologized for his outburst (in front of other players), but I was so deeply offended, that I will probably take a few months off of our competition.
Thanks all!
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Re: Putting Clairification

Postby JTdisc » Thu May 29, 2014 6:52 am

From the rulebook:

802.04 D. Putting: Any throw from within 10 meters of the target, as measured from the rear of the marker disc to the base of the target, is a putt. Supporting point contact closer to the target than the rear edge of the marker disc after the disc has been released is a stance violation. The player must demonstrate full control of balance before advancing toward the target.

E. A player shall receive a warning for the first stance violation in the round. Subsequent stance violations in the same round shall incur a one-throw penalty. Stance violations may not be called or seconded by the thrower.

F. Any throw made from an illegal stance is disregarded. A re-throw must be taken from the original lie, prior to subsequent play by others in the group.

--So the first violation should have been a warning, second violation is a penalty. Both violations require a re-throw.

From the rules Q&A:

Q: As I release a putt, I push off from my back foot so that after release I am balanced on my front foot. I typically freeze there for a couple of seconds, then swing my back foot forward and continue toward the hole. Is that a foot fault?

A: It's hard to say. Your group will have to make a judgment call. To demonstrate "full control of balance" the player must perform some action that breaks up the flow of movement toward the target after release, before proceeding toward the target. Some examples of actions that demonstrate balance might be: (1) a clear pause and display of balance, (2) placement of the back foot on the ground behind the mark, or (3) retrieval of the marker disc. The key to all of those is to show balance and control of your body behind the mark before moving forward. The best course of action is to leave no room for doubt, which is easy to do if you are indeed in control of your body after you've released the putt. Applicable Rules: 802.04 Throwing from a Stance.

There are no rules about cursing in the main rulebook, unless the cursing occurs during another player's throw. If someone curses during another player's throw, that is a courtesy violation. First violation is a warning, second is a penalty throw. There rules against cursing for PDGA tournament sanctioned play, and any sanctions are up to the tournament director.

The bottom line is, you both should read up on the rules, talk about them and agree to them ahead of time, together. That will help avoid outbursts and disagreements on the course.
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