For Us Older Newbies....

While mechanics are crucial to the disc golf throw, it's important to have your body in shape to throw. Talk about conditioning and injuries here.

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Re: For Us Older Newbies....

Postby aerohusker » Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:49 pm

update of a geezer's bag:
spring of '13 fall of '13 summer of '14
1.Tern 168 good distants, still new-----------not so new, still love it, great disc!...................went to star plastic, better for me.
2. Blizz Katana 157 (most consistent, farthest driver)------------Blizz Katana 157 (most consistent, farthest driver)...Gone, star tern is more consistant and just as far.
3. Blizz Destroyer 156 ?---------------------------still carry in bag, hizer and side arm............side arm disc
4. Blizz Boss 156, also use for sidearm----------------------------------- gone, use Destroyer..........Gone
5. Blizz Tee Devil 157 (alittle straighter then boss, pretty close)------ took out because it was becoming flippy, corrected throw and last week put back..................use a lot, Tern and Tee Devil my main two drivers
6. Champ Archon 166 keeper (anhyser)------------------------------------gone ADDED SAINT...........Saint used for slight flip, great disc.
7. Champ Orc 166 ???---------------------------------------------------------gone ADDED ROADRUNNER....Gone, use River and Saint
8. Eagle 170 Keeper---------------------------------------------------------- Eagle 170 Keeper.........keeper
9. Tee Bird 166 keeper------------------------------------------------------ gone- use TL..... Back in bag, keeper, but also use TL
10. Star Vulcan 166 ???? becoming a little flippy??? -----------------------flippy? lean how to it.....Gone, love Star Tern better!
11. Champ Starfire 175 (my windy driver) keeper ------------------------Champ Starfire 175 (my windy driver) keeper....Gone, use Dominater
12. Roc 168 keeper----------------------------------------------------------- Roc 168 keeper.....keeper
13. Mako 170 keeper ---------------------------------------------------------Mako 170 keeper.......Gone use Mako3
14. Monarch 168 nice disc, roller, big anhyzer---------------------------- Monarch 168 nice disc, roller, big anhyzer......keeper
15. Buzz 175 don't use much, need to learn--------------------------------gone ADDED LEOPARD......use Gstar and Champ Leopard
16. Yetti 175 keeper----------------------------------------------------------Yetti 175 keeper..........keeper
17. Champ TL 170 keeper----------------------------------------------------Champ TL 170 keeper....keeper
My Disc are becoming slower (speed) but distance is still getting better (not much) but more consistent, use the Leopards a bunch, not
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Re: For Us Older Newbies....

Postby j_mardis » Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:21 am

A handball buddy had the same injury, and he had surgery to re-attach the bicep. Took a few months off and he was back at it.

Doesn't seem like the bicep is as involved in throwing as it would be in other sports, but I am not an A&P whiz. The distance you are getting is impressive considering your injury. The video review would be a great place to get feedback on form.

Mark Ellis wrote:Find the best players in your area and ask them for advice.
Probably your best option, if you have not already done so.
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