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Re: The Secret Technique... almost complete

Postby niq » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:50 pm

Blake_T wrote:The secret technique works... for those who don't have deeply ingrained shoulder rotation issues. the goal of this technique was to correct shoulder rotation issues since you're focusing mainly on what the arm is doing and working in "small motions" that don't require much, if any, body rotation.

I currently have 5 students with shoulder rotation issues... and we could do the drills i've come up with for hours upon hours and not get any closer to correcting those.

Have you ever had students throw into a net instead of in a field? It seems like subconciously when you put a field in front of someone, they just automatically swing for the fences with every ounce of energy they have.

Just a thought, maybe you've tried it?
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Re: The Secret Technique... almost complete

Postby Stringbean » Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:41 am

Blake_T wrote:JR,

i'm not really going to respond to all of this as I'm tired and I'd rather just start writing up the finished product.

this is a different technique that is about maximizing angles.

all power throws have one thing in common: they bring the outer edge of the disc around.

there are different techniques that do this in differing ways. e.g. swedish technique can do this with hardly any elbow or wrist bend with an emphasis on driving the shoulders hard. the technique i am working on maximizes the impact of the elbow and wrist and minimizes the impact of shoulder rotation. there doesn't need to be any backwards pull since it can make the wrist unload with only forward motions.

the trick to this is to accelerate the outer edge of the disc on an INCREASING radius. e.g. a golden spiral. the behavior of the arm abruptly lengthens the radius of the arc at the last second and causes a tremendous amount of angular velocity on the edge coming around.
on these throws my wrist is actually completing a 120-140 degree extension (2" of motion is about 45 degrees), which leads to an exceptionally hard and heavy disc pivot.

From watching slow motion videos, I have noticed that all of the big distance pros keep their right shoulder tucked in very late into the throw. While doing field work, I get at least 25 more feet on my drives when I focus on keeping the right shoulder tucked as late as possible.

It makes sense according to what Blake mentions above regarding the golden spiral and lengthening the radius of the arc. By keeping the right shoulder tucked until the elbow is forward, the extension of the shoulder thereafter will further lengthen the radius of the arc.
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