What's your favorite practice drill?

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What's your favorite practice drill?

Postby trogdor » Mon Dec 13, 2004 6:32 pm

You can read in numerous posts to practice away from the course, but practice what? How?

What drills do you do that have improved your game on the course?

Here's what helps me:

Portable basket
5 putters (same mold)
several mid-range
1. Alternate shot away: Starting at the basket, throw your mid-range discs mainly for distance using an alternate throw. (If you normally throw backhand, throw sidearm) This helps you learn an alternate shot while placing your upcoming approach at a realistic range
2. Prefered approach shot to the basket: Throw each of the midrange discs from where they landed back to the basket using your prefered shot.
3. Putt: Try to make a sucessfull put with each of your putters for each of the approach discs. (If you have 5 approaches and 5 putters, you will make 25 putts)
I'm now feeling comfortable enough with my sidearm that it is finding its way on to the course.
As your alternate shot improves (and you get more distance), your approaches and putting MUST improve with it.

There's my favorite,

What drills, routines, have helped you?
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Postby JacksWeather » Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:14 pm

: o that sounds fool proof, : ) now if only i could get the backhand down so i could move on to a alternate shot to practice... (i understand I can just practice backhand with your method)
Today seems like a good day to toss a disc or two.
The one for hyzer-flipping, turning over right on que.
I try to throw just like that, but sometimes I really suck.
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