Woodchuck's trade or buy list updated

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Woodchuck's trade or buy list updated

Postby Woodchuck » Sun Mar 12, 2006 8:12 pm

Hi everyone here are some discs i am looking to get rid of by trade or sell. I'll sell most DX discs for $4 plus shipping, X Plastic for $6 plus shipping and Z plastic for $8 plus shipping. Shipping is $4.25 for one disc and $1 for each additional disc.

2 S Element 150g brand new 10
1 Z Buzzz Crystal 170'sh 9
1 Z Buzzz tye dye 170g 9
1 Z Buzzz 178g 10 brnad new
2 Z Spectra 169g 9 and 167g 10 brand new
1 JLS 1.6 166g 8
1 X Avenger 167-169g 10 brand new
3 Z Avengers 174g 9.9, 173g 10, 173g 8.5
Z Flick 150g 9.8
z Flick 172g 9.9
Z Glide 166g 10
Z GLide 172 9.8
Z Predator 174g 9.5
Z Talon 150g 10
3 E Sabre's 176g all brand new
Pro Wraith 175g yellow 8.2
Z Wildcat 174gram yellow tie dye awesome looking, New 10.0
Z Wildcat 172gram clear 9.9
Z Wildcat 173gram red 8.8
Z Wildcat 168g blue 9.6
X Wildcat 172 gram gray 10.0
Champion X out Leopard not sure of weight but guess high 160's. 10
Z Crush 1st run 174g 9.0
DX Leopard 167g 9.0
DX Panther 173g 10
Pro Starfire 171g 9.8
DX Aero 177g 10
DX Stingray 173g 9.9
DX Stingray weight?? 170's? 6.5
DX Shark 167g 9.0
DX Archangel 168g 9.2
DX Archangel 166g 9.2
EXP 175g 8.8
Soft Magnet 174g 8.6
DX Cobra 168g 7.8
DX Classic Roc 166g 8.2

What i'm looking for:

X Predator
Soft Wizards
Gateway Demon
Gateway S Elements
Gateway Scream

thanks and let me know, i'm in Baltimore MD
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Postby Thatdirtykid » Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:24 am

<post deleted by dirty kid to clean up woodchucks list>
and leave positive feedback... Hes a fair guy!
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Postby Woodchuck » Sun Mar 19, 2006 5:38 pm

List updated
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Postby Woodchuck » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:42 pm

BIg update, got a lot of new stuff in, will sell or trade
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