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Whats in your bag?

Postby rodman » Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:25 pm

Does anyone want to play what's in your bag? List em, comment on them and discuss your future projects, additions and subtractions.
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My bag

Postby rodman » Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:36 pm

All my discs are just under 170 except my 2 leopards.

Drivers in order of use/confidence
2 Tee bird L (the Tye Dye is my goto disc) Pro and tye dye is Star
1 archangel DX (still goes left for me with glide)
1 roadrunner Champ goes right about 15 feet or so then left slightly)
1 Sabre (new favorite. Awsome flight... just a bit shorter than others)
1 Sidewinder (brand new) Champ (seems longer but needs more work)
1 Valkyrie Champion (Awsome disc, fast and long... i just need practice)
1 very used cyclone (this guy goes where I tell him... similar distance to Sabre)

1 leopard DX (great disc, do it all)
1 Stingray DX (need to go right or glide? This is my guy)
1 roc (gets tons of use, I even putt with it some) DX
1 Aviar Champion putter

Practice squad looking for an opportunity

1 element (new and hasnt fit into my game yet... but I hear good things)
1 Archangel DX
1 beast DX
1 quarter K
1 Leopard DX
1 Valkyrie DX
1 XL
1 Cyclone
1 Starfire SL Star

Bought the XL, Cyclone and a Star SL for the practice squad and I'm in hopes they will make the varsity squad some day.
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Postby Aaron_D » Fri Apr 14, 2006 3:47 pm

Here goes: Been playing about 6-8 months and usually score between 8-15 over par on my home course from the back tees...Avg golf D is 350'

(2) 174g dx Teebirds (these are my control drivers...replaced my z xl)
(3) 161g, 171g, 172g dx Rocs (the only one I really use is the 161g one which is really beat, but perfect for finesse shots
(2) 174g Champ Beasts (new mold...but I actually like them a lot...I can hit 450' if im going for pure distance)
(7) 168g-174g Med Wizards (these discs see about 70% of ALL my throws in a given round...im thinking about getting rid of my Rocs except the 161g beat in one becasue this disc is just plain better for my midrange...and the only disc you really need for ANY putt)

I carry the small Innova bag because it forces me to carry less discs.
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Made some changes lately

Postby Woodchuck » Fri Apr 14, 2006 5:35 pm


X Predator - Sidearm shots and backhand overstable driver
X Avenger Stable driver
Champ Sidewinder - understable driver
E Sabre - just got it and auditioning it for a stable fairway driver spot

Mid Range

E Element
E Element-X


Soft and E Wizard

Trying out some other new Gateway discs tomorrow, i never thought my buzzz would leave my bag, then i played a round with an E Element and my mind changed very fast.
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Postby Thatdirtykid » Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:00 pm

Z Pred 170 Big wind, spike hyzers, forhand hyers, hyzers, hyzers, hyzer...
Z Flick 166- Trick shots, thumbers,grenades,tommys
Z Avenger 169 or 173- Headwinds and hyzer ( I switch two out depending on wind and how Im throwing)
ESP Avenger170-2- Slight headwind, distance with fade left
X Avenger 170-172 Max D Stable
X Avenger 170-72- Max D (replaced all valks) and Finish Right

E Hybrid Prototype 171- Straight heavier fade than hybrid, Headwind fairway shots
E Sabre 176- Very straight/predictable Got to Fairway length driver
S Sabre 176- Straighter than E, Finish right

S Demon 175- Very Overstable, Big headwinds short thumbers/grenades/tommys
E Element X 182- moderately overstable Midrange
S Element X 176- Currently more overstable than the heavier E, Used in wind
E Element 182- Go to midrange, Very Straight
E Element 178- Right Turn midrange, tailwinds

172 E Wizard - Harder, for drives and longer approaches
172 E Wizard - Softer, jump puts and windy putts
172 Glow Wizard - Very soft used for putts
172 Medium Wizard - Worn, Straight no fade, anny approach

i drive most the wizards depending on situations, just use the harder E wizard when I can take any line. I also have many other wizards that Im trying out, still seeing if I like the glow, it grips great, and sticks to the chains.
The hybrid is new, it replaced the Z cyclone for headwinds. However the Cyclone held a hyzer better ( the hybrid flips up but never turns ) So I use a Z avenger for the hyzers. I dont know how this thread is different from the blakes bag/everyone else... but I like explaining and chatting about the reasons fpr the selections I make.
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This thread

Postby rodman » Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:37 pm

It's not really different than the other. I didnt see the other when I created it. I too enjoy discussing the bag and reasons for it. I actually like seeing everyone elses choices.
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Postby bigs348 » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:02 pm

My 2006 tourney set-up so far:

175g Star Aviar - putting
175g 10x KC Pro Aviar - short drives and most approaches
174g Champ Panther - turnover midrange
177g 11x KC Pro Roc - forehand midrange
179g DX Roc - straight midrange
178g Champ Roc - hyzer midrange
171g CFR TL - more overstable control driver
171g CFR Glow TL - overstable control driver
171g Star TL - main control driver
172g Star TL - anhyzer drives and backhand rollers
172g Star Firebird - headwind control driver
174g Champ Firebird - forehand rollers, skip shots
174g Champ Orc - overhand shots
172g Star Tee-Rex - big distance hyzers, headwind distance
170g Star Wraith - low distance shots, big anhyzers
172g DX Wraith - hyzerflip huge distance

Revolution Texas Team bag with Quadshocks
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Postby Weebl » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:53 pm

I see a little overlap, especially with the Champ Roc/11x KC Roc. As well as narrowing the 4 TLs to 2(To the glow TL/stable star TL and the flippy star TL), and riding one of the Firebirds. You know your bag better than I though, thats just my input though.

Have you tried overhand throws with the TeeRex yet? I'm interested to see how it does in that department...
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Postby adidadg » Sat Apr 15, 2006 10:01 am

175 Pro-line Monster - great for wind and Forehand shots
169 (new) and 171 (beat) - Champion Orcs, for max distance drives
174 Q-Jls - straight stable driver
168 Sidewinder - Rollers, and long turnovers

172 Z-Buzzz Nearly every shot from 240-320 Feet, I will throw almost every chance I get
173 D-Drone - Controlled approaches into a strong headwind, good for short overhand shots too

Short Game:
175 Pro Classic Roc - "driving putter", Money within 240 feet
174 Banger-GT - "Putting putter"
170 Z-Putt'r - super floaty understable approach disc, great for right turning approaches that don't die out

I would like to add a Z-wasp, and maybe something like a stratus to the mix.

Postby bigs348 » Sat Apr 15, 2006 7:02 pm

I could definitely narrow it down if I needed, but I don't mind having multiples of the same mold, as long as I know exactly what they do. My TLs all serve their own purpose and I know exactly when to use them -- I could probably get by, but I don't mind the amount of discs that I carry. The Rocs I'm figuring out, but the KC is much flippier than the Champ.

I haven't thrown any overhands with the Tee-Rex yet. I have also been interested to try it out, but I haven't really had the opportunity. Overall, I don't like the feel of the Star plastic as much as Champ for those types of shots though.
"a man is a success if he gets up in the morning and he gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do."
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Postby presidio hills » Sat Apr 15, 2006 7:54 pm

DX eagle 174 - more overstable driver, use it on any line, thumbers, headwinds!
D XL 170 - less stable driver, use on any line, tailwinds!
X Xtra 172 - most over stable driver... don't use it much

DX roc 180 - approch shots 40' - 250', drives, tunnel shots
champion gator 174 - headwind hyzer approaches out to 150', overhand rollers (love that square rim)

E wizard 175 - or an S... shots 0' - 200'... big turning anhyzers to get around things (trees)

that's it... good to go.
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