finally hit a new course, Totally different game

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finally hit a new course, Totally different game

Postby AciDBatH666 » Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:26 pm

Not used to that.

I went with some friends of mine to hit up Highland park in Baton Rouge. Im from Lafayette, La, Which is about an hour west of Baton Rouge. We have 4 courses here, Well 1 with 9 holes..No one really plays that one. Acadiana park has 36 holes, lots of woods..Thats my main course that i play around 3 times a week. And theres another a couple miles from here....Course is still being layed out. Supposed to have some longer holes.

Anywho. My main course is a lot of shots under 300 feet. Some in the open fields get a little longer,... 290-330 range, but the woods is incorporated in nearly all the holes. Theres the Ace Course, 18 holes in the woods where the longest hole is prolly 270ft, and then the Duzee which has 18 holes that are a little longer. So im used to a little bit of power game, But mostly a fair amount of control and accuracy shots. IN order to hit most of the tunnels of trees you have to have some self control, and know what parts of the woods you can actually shoot in where your disc wont get caught up and keep moving straight.

Well hit up Highland park sunday. MAN such a different course. Hills galore, and TONS of open fields with bits of trees. I really didn't do too well. Wasnt trying to nail a lotta shots tho, But i just messed around getting a feel for some of the holes. Hole 4 was a ..i dont remember if it was a 500 Ft or 590 Foot hole. I wanna say it was 590. Took me 4 throws to get a 20 foot put to the basket. 5th shot was my putt and i missed cuz the pin is between 3 big trees and i hit one. I didn't do well on those 400+ holes cuz Im not too experienced with rollers. At our course there really isn't any holes that you need to pull a roller off on.
Our longest hole is 507 feet, and a long drive, and a decent vicinity putt will get you a simple par.

But DAMN. I throw around 300 foot maxed out. I think my distance isnt really that far and hasnt developed into the kind of distance i need to make birdies at that other park because for 4-5 years im used to finesse shots not longer than 280 in the woods. Its weird to see another side of the spectrum. But I definately wanna hit that park up again sometime soon. Just dont like how the holes werent very defined like at my park. Tee Box was just a PVC pipe and the distance on it. Couldnt tell where the pin was unless my buddy from Baton Rouge that was with us pointed it out cuz half were behind bushes and trees.

Never the less...I'll be trying to improve that part of my game sometime soon.
:) Just thought Id share
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Postby Blake_T » Tue Jun 15, 2004 12:02 am

for most players, distance rollers are a bit overrated. the rule of thumb for distance rollers is take your max air shot and add 10%. 330' vs. 300' isn't going to do much for you on 500' holes.

a controlled roller is another story, it is often very useful to have a 200-250' predictable roller in your bag when you are faced with shots with limited routes or lots of low hanging obstacles that you cannot go over.

the distance rollers for players who have 450' power who want to deuce the 500' holes is more feasible, but for now, i'd recommend concentrating on air shots until your avg D is up more like 350'. nearly all courses, even the world championship caliber ones, have an average hole length of ~250'. the balance occurs between 170' finesse holes and the occasional 400+ crusher, so aside from your course not having the big ones, overall it is fairly representative of course demographics.

you would probably benefit a lot more from doing open field work and trying to push your max D out there. chances are you will hit a plateau around 350' but there is a chance you will be able to surpass it. if you find yourself peaking, then is a good time to start working the roller in.

i guess what i'm getting at is that you still have a ways to go of increasing the distance of your air shots before the distance roller is going to be as useful in your game, mainly in that as you increase your D, you should also be able to throw your slower discs farther.
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Postby Rouster » Tue Feb 01, 2005 9:20 am

Great site.
I live just outside of BR so Highlands is all I've played. #4 is tough unless you can chunk it 400ft, which I can't. I'm about 300 max. The best I've done on that one is 4. Actually saw a guy make a 2 the other day. He made a shot from about 250ft coming in, it was amazing.
I plan on making a trip to Acadiana park pretty soon. It looks like a good park. Anything you can add Acid. I see there is a campground around there, I might pull may camper up there and have at it for a weekend. Anyway, if your ever making your way to BR, let me know it's always fun to play with a few people.
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Postby AciDBatH666 » Wed Feb 02, 2005 7:27 pm

Im usually Always hitting up Acadiana park, but havent lately cuz of the cold. Once spring gets in the locals will keep up their doubles matches at least twice a week like usual.

Acadiana park is kewl, its all of our home turf. We recently built Paul Davis Park.... Its very comparable to Highland on certain levels. Lot more distance than Acadiana. Acadiana takes a bit of finese, but we all know certain routes around trees that work better than the obvious fairway path.
PA Davis is as open as Highland with trees pretty much scattered here and there. Its rough. I wanna say the best score is maybe 6 under, and around 8 under for doubles. Me and my partner shot 2 under at a doubles tourny there and only 3 other teams shot better than us. There was about 30 teams total in that one. We were shocked we did so well, but it was because there was some out of towners that had NO CLUE as to some of the openings and gaps that were alternate routes there...

Both awesome tho. Ive been wanting to hit up Highland again, but the rain and cold has been makin me not wanna play at all.
Plus schools been kickin me in the rear.
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