Headwind Driver Test

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Headwind Driver Test

Postby Bradley Walker » Wed May 31, 2006 11:16 am

The wind has really been blowing for the last three months here in Dallas. It is a real factor in every round played these days.

I have enough power that I can flip a max weight DX Teerbird into any significant wind, even with a lot of heyser and a lot of spin. The Eagle is worse.

I tried a Champ Teebird and Star Teebird and hated both. These fly like manhole covers for me.

I got a D reaper, a DX Banshee, and an X Predator.

All are good discs, and I would not hesitate to recommend any of these for headwind driving. I have throw good shots with each.

The Banshee is very consistent, and will not be flipped if throw with a little heyser, no matter how hard the wind is blowing. It will flip if thrown flat into a stiff wind. Not a very long disc but consistent and cheap.

The D Reaper is a little less overstable than the Banshee, and is therefore a little more unpredictable into the wind. It also has better glide than the Banshee and is longer.

The X Predator is the best of the bunch, I think. I really like this disc. The wing is like an extended Teebird wing and is more similar to a Cyclone "type" rim (read that not a huge wing), and feels great in my hand. The plastic is also closest to Cyclone plastic. The flight is generally flat if thrown flat with a little headwind. Throw iwth a little heyser into a hard headwind, make sure to keep the nose down. It is hard to flip at all, really (it can be done). It flies dead straight and fast to the end and just heysers out (kind of like a DX Teebird downwind). There is very little slow glide at the end but this disc is fast and pretty dang long!!! I have ripped seriously straight BOMBs with this thing. The heyser at the end is brief and does not require much room.

It also good for long sharp heysers and has good enough speed to do it with some distance.

Mine is black and 174 grams. I would like to get a 170 gram and try that to see if it would flip up a tad bit easier. a 169 gram to 170 gram might make one heck of a driver in general.
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Postby guatemalened » Wed May 31, 2006 11:56 am

I found the Champion Monster and Champion Firebird to be good wind discs, although I get a little more distance with the Monster. Both require a lot of snap though or they will begin to hyzer right out of the hand.
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Postby Blake_T » Wed May 31, 2006 3:29 pm

the eagle should always flex out if you have enough height on it... but it needs a lot of height into a strong wind.

less nose down will also help discs fly more stable into headwinds.

the pred is a true stable disc and what you are describing is why i dug/dig them.
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overstable driver

Postby twmccoy » Wed May 31, 2006 6:07 pm

Try a heavy flick. Those things handle wind well and get better yardage than any other overstable driver. I agree with you that champ teebirds fly like manhole covers. I could never get any good distance out of them. I didn't much care for the reaper or talon either.
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Postby Thatdirtykid » Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:56 am

I digdug preds too ;-)

I finially picked up a new X pred, and although it steals my Z avengers thunder, I may keep throwing it. Its a scary thought but I think X preds may replace Z avengers in my bag. Then it would look like I jumped on the X plastic badwagon (the only premium plastic left in my bag would be Z pred)
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