Twin City area disc golf courses

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Twin City area disc golf courses

Postby Mr. Merchant » Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:47 am

anybody that has played disc golf in minnesota, please post your opinions about any course you have played in the area.

i have played quite a few on the west side of town. I want to know which ones are worth the trip outside of that. i know kaposia and north valley are awesome but i have yet to get out there, i know its sad.

Heres my review of Down's Farm, a private course I found out of boredom that most minnesota disc golfers don't know about.

i was on the pdga website on sunday looking for a new place to play when I ran across Downs Farm. Its a private course on a 40 acre hobby farm with 6 mach 5 baskets and 3 wooden poles (the owner bob downs adds a basket each year, hes a teacher that isn't rich and does this out of the goodness of his heart). I called the number for directions and information. I talked to bob's wife and got directions out to his land just past victoria.

When i pulled up I was greeted by Bob. Awesome guy, he showed me the lay out of his home made course and played two rounds with my friend and I. he built a nice club house out of his barn, he has discs to borrow and gave us free aquafina (he houses lots of foster kids and they use the club house).

the first three holes are very short, but his property is very windy. they shoud all be dueced, but the wind can easily change that. after the first three it opens up into a young forest of trees with some interesting pin placements. the wind out there is insane and makes it very tough. the last three holes are wooden poles (until he gets mach Vs), its very tough to hit putts on them, but its fun and challenging. the ninth and final hole is a true test, it doglegs right and goes through a narrow ravine with a low ceiling, very few dueces have happened here, a 3 is a great score.

overall i came away with a great expierience. there is only one hole that requires huge d, the rest of the course requires controled approachs in the wind. this course taught me so much about my wind game. it was a different spin on disc golf for me. my first round I shot a 28 as the wind was tricky and the short lay out gave me hell. my last two rounds were a 25 but still short of the course record of 20.

Bob Downs was great and i thank him for having me out there. he loves it for any serious disc golfer to come out and have a good time, he was very excited for people to come out and play his private hobby course. you will pretty much have the course to yourself, at most there will be a few foursomes out there. he said that we are welcome anytime to come and play as much as we want. its not the longest, toughest or best designed course out there, but it doesn't matter. its a very cool concept and I love what this place does for people. I had a lot of fun at Downs Farm. there is leauge on monday nights with up to 36 players. check the pdga website for information on how to make it out.
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Postby The Clergyman » Thu Jun 22, 2006 1:28 pm

I journeyed your way last summer, didn't get to play Kaposia though. Next time. I was staying in the south (Shakopee?) and played two courses. One was called Rose Hill or something like that - terrible. Doesn't matter what it was called because either someone needs to do some serious work on this or put it out of its misery.
I also played one called Lions Park (maybe Lions Park II?) and it would be worthwhile if you're in the area. Otherwise I wouldn't go too far out of your way. The morning I showed up there was a boy scout jamboree in the park and they were setting up and there were tents on about 6 or 7 of the holes making them unplayable. BUT, there is a nice little pond near the road that comes into play on 2 holes and a couple of nice long throws along another road.
It was a quiet course, fun to play, some elevation changes. The drawback is that it's a newer park, or at least, the trees look newer, as many are only a few feet tall. In 15 years this will be a terrific little 18 holes!
If you're a Minneapolis person and know Minnesota can you tell me this: I'm just north of you in Canada, are there any courses within an hour of the border?
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