Town Hall Park - Avon, IN

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Town Hall Park - Avon, IN

Postby TheUberDork » Wed Jun 14, 2006 5:28 pm

New course just finished this weekend. No tee signs yet so just speculation on distances. (tee signs are on the way in the next week or so.)

Only complaints are Tee for hole 1 at the far end of the course from the parking lot. Tees are short (around 4-5 feet long).

The front 9 are very novice friendly being mostly wide open shots. The back 9 are the most insane holes i've ever seen or played. I will get picture up soon.

Front Nine: Mostly Open.

Hole 1: around 400 - 450 ft. out and 100 feet to the left. Wide open no trees or obsticles.

Hole 2: ~350 ft. 300 feet out is a large grouping of trees and bushes and the basket lies behind that. Easy hole for RHBH throwers.

Hole 3: ~350 ft. tree line to the left wide open to the right. Basket lies around the tree line and to the left. Easy left sweeping hole.

Hole 4: ~150 - 170 ft. pretty striaght in no obsticles. treeline about 10 feet behind hole.

Hole 5: ~300 ft. straight out with a dense treeline 5 feet to the right of the tee all the way to the basket.

Hole 6: ~270 ft. straight out with a small hill in the middle. Basket is slightly down the back of the hill.

Hole 7: ~270 ft. Staight out very slightly up hill. wide open.

Hole 8: ~ 200 ft. Straight out with a large patch of tall grass, reeds, and bushes 10 ft. infront of the hole.

Hole 9: ~300 ft. straight out with a few small trees around the basket.

Back 9: Very Dense woods. Tight lines low ceiling all over.

Hole 10: ~270 straight out wide open most of the hole. Basket is 10 feet into a dense woods with a ~6 ft. diamater opening.

Hole 11: ~200 ft. straight through the woods with a low ceiling and about a 5 foot wide opening all the way down.

Hole 12: ~170 ft. down hill in dense woods. Small opening to the left and the right sides of the tee pad to the basket. Low Ceiling.

Hole 13: ~250 ft. stream directly infront of the tee pad. Right on the otherside of the stream is a steep hill up with a low ceiling and lots of trees.

Hole 14: ~250 ft. straight mostly flat ground dense trees with a hard drop down hill about 10 feet before the basket that is surrounded by trees. Low ceiling.

Hole 15: ~300 ft. Straight Ahead. Uphill with a small opening through the center. Low ceiling.

Hole 16: ~200 ft. Straight ahead. Very thick woods. Very Low ceiling. Basket Sourounded in small trees and bushes.

Hole 17: ~270 ft. Very thick woods with a small hyzer path. Streep drop off 15 feet infront of the basket to the stream. Very low ceiling. Basket is slightly to the left surouned by the woods.

Hole 18: ~270 - 300. Straight out. Tees from the edge of the woods. Wide open to the basket with a small water hole to the left past the basket.
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