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Ontario Disc Golf NFL pool

Postby Terapin Flyer » Sat Aug 27, 2005 2:38 pm

Hey fellow DG's. We up here in Ontario have started a (100%free) NFL Pool and are looking for a few to fill up the last few spots. Here is the info you'll need to get started:
The Draft is automated and will be held on Sept 1,

Geoff Rowland has invited you to join a NFL.com Fantasy
Football league! To accept this invitation and join the
league, click this link (or cut and paste the link into your
browser's address field):
http://freemeeting.0.football.nfl.com/s ... 16338dae56

Before you join the league, you'll be presented with key
information about the league, including the draft date,
draft type (live or automated), current league members and
league type (private or public). If this is a private
league, you'll be required to enter the following password
before you can join the league. A password will not be
listed in this e-mail if this is a public league:

League Password: OD Tour Rule

Keep in mind that each NFL.com Fantasy Football league is
limited to 12 members, so it's possible the league could be
full before you have a chance to join. If that happens, or
if you're interested in a different type of league than the
one you've been invited to join, you can easily scan other
open leagues or even create a new league yourself.

We hope you enjoy NFL.com Fantasy Football. Have a great

The Staff
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