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William's Bag

Postby williamberry » Thu May 08, 2008 6:38 pm

Stable Control Drivers
175 DX Teebird – Seasoned – Open Shots where I have a little more Left to right room to play
170 Star TL – Straight tunnel shots, woods shots

Distance Drivers
175 Pro Wraith – Seasoned – Open Shots
168 Pro Wraith – Newer – More stability for holes I want more fade
175 Champ Wraith – Seasoned – Distance driver in the woods
175 Star Wraith – Newer – Forehand shots

Understable Driver
175 DX Teebird – Seasoned
175 Pro Wraith - Seasoned

Moderately Overstable Driver
170 Champ Teebird – Seasoned

Very Overstable Driver
175 Champ Firebird – Seasoned
169 Predator – Newer (trying to break it in and decide which of the two I prefer – right now I’m leaning towards Firebirds)

173 Z Buzz – Seasoned – Perfectly beat buzz that when thrown with a slight hyzer has a gentle right turn
177 Z Buzz – Newer – Straight shots and nice S curve touch shots
173 FLX Buzz – Newer – Overstable/Hyzer shots, Mid distance disc, spike hyzers
175 Z Buzz – Brand New – Trying to start breaking a new one in
175 Z Wasp – Newer – Wind? (I’m debating taking this one out. Whenever there is wind or I need fade, I always seem to turn towards the FLX Buzz)

175 KC Pro Aviar – Seasoned – Approach shots. 100-200’
175 DX Aviar – 3 Years Beat – Main putter and jump putter
175 DX Aviar – Newer – Backup

17 Discs, 9 Molds – 6 months ago I carried about the same number of discs in all different molds. Getting to know specific molds and using them for a variety of shots has lowered my scores by quite a large amount. This site has helped me improve my game dramatically and I’m glad I found such a wealth of information in one place.
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Postby Grayson » Thu May 08, 2008 11:21 pm

I like your setup, and I like that you're using your drivers for different duties. Do you just not like Valkyries or other understable plastic to fill you understable drives? I bet you can probably make your seasoned dx teebird fly just about every line, but I prefer to use less effort to get these types of shots working for me. I'm sure your beat pro wraith is flippy, and the gap between your wraith and teebird isn't that big to worry about.

As far as the mids go, I would take your FLX Buzzz out of the bag a few rounds so you won't be tempted to throw it so you can really test out how well your wasp will fit into your bag. I carry a Z Buzzz, a Z Wasp and an FLX Buzzz in my bag as well, (also carry a Squall, but I use it for more as a fairway driver/mid off the tee for distance/turnover).
I use my Z Buzzz for straight longer midrange shots, my Z Wasp for wind or hyzers (or sometimes if I wanna run at a basket from a short tee, I'll snap my Wasp straight) and my FLX Buzzz for shorter controlled approaches. The FLX Buzzz just doesn't have the distance of the Z, but it's so dependable for me I can bring myself to take it out the bag just yet. I think you'd benifet from forcing yourself to use the Wasp because on a really windy day, it's sometimes tough to trust a Buzzz, and the Wasp will get you about the same D as your Z Buzzz will.
Guess I'm kinda partial to Wasps now since I just hit my first ace with one last weekend.
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Re: William's Bag

Postby garublador » Mon May 12, 2008 8:32 am

williamberry wrote:Moderately Overstable Driver
170 Champ Teebird – Seasoned
You may want to consider something a bit faster for this slot. While Champ Teebirds are stable enough to handle some wind, they don't penetrate as well as some other discs. The idea behind this slot is to find something that is both stable enough to handle some wind and penetrates well enough to get good distance in the wind. This disc will also work for long hyzers in no wind. They also tend to work well on lower ceiling hyzers than Teebirds.
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